Willard Murray in news again


A former four-term Assemblyman is still serving two masters even though the Attorney General said he shouldn’t. Willard Murray, who represents the Water Replinishment District of Southern California and West Basin on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, has continued to sit on these boards despite a ruling that said he shouldn’t.

What wasn’t in the story is that Murray gets paid by West Basin for his MWD representation, at $207 a meeting. He also gets a car allowance and a phone allowance. Interesting, because he gets those same things from WRD, and also gets paid for his meeting attendance. I haven’t researched it, but I am going to assume that he also gets a nice retirement package for all those years he spent on the Assembly.

Murray’s son is also a representative on the MWD, and Murray’s daughter works for the District Attorney’s office. I’m sure the lectures Murray gave to his children went something along the lines of: “Government jobs are the way to go.”

I wish I would have gotten that lecture.