Sierra Madre garden

I still smell like smoke from covering the fire this morning in Sierra Madre. Aside from the smoke smell, I walked away with these pictures from a garden in front of a Sierra Madre home:



7917-weird 2.JPG

  • Anonymous

    OK, this “Sierra Madre Garden” has been at the top of your blog for several days, now. but on the Blog “front page,” there’s mention of a Craig’s List story and a “Few women serving on water boards” story. But I haven’t seen them show on on your blog.

    What’s going on? Is my page not updating for some reason, or are the pages not being posted at this address, any more?

  • Anonymous

    OK, now I can see the more recent posts. Not sure why or how, but it’s got the newer stories visible.

  • Miss Havisham

    I love the madruh, don’t you?

    Glad you people are back up and rolling.