It’s been a while since my last post – I’ve been out of the office for a couple days thanks to a broken left wrist.

It happened a week ago in a car wreck. Not fun to say the least.

I’ve got a full-arm cast on that reaches to about my left shoulder. Luckily I’m right-handed, but that doen’t mean typing isn’t difficult.

With only five functional fingers, blogging over the next four weeks should be a lot of fun. (Are you sensing my sarcasm?)

  • Pasadonuts

    Sucks to be you for the next few weeks… I thought you might have gotten in between a few angry councilmembers at a CC meeting! LOL!

  • us

    Does typing half as fast allow you to think twice as much?

  • You don’t work for the phone company

    Is that really the model of phone you get at work?! I can see the Tribune is a big spender on its telephonic system.