Monrovia PD steps up negotiation tactics

Melissa Pamer reports on the ongoing negotiations between Monrovia and its police department, which has recently stepped up its tactics by threatening a recall election and by putting up billboards.

On Monday, police launched a telephone poll to gauge voter enthusiasm for recalling three City Council members. On Wednesday, the union began two police-supported ballot initiative petition drives. And on Friday, two billboards critical of the City Council and city manager – and paid for by the police union – went up just outside Monrovia.

Also, the union Thursday appealed an April 23 decision by a Pasadena Superior Court judge denying its request for a neutral arbitrator to help forge a new contract.

City Manager Scott Ochoa, whose own compensation package has come under fire from the MPOA, called the recent actions “publicity stunts” that would not influence city officials. However, he said the tactics had made negotiations “distasteful.”