Water official asked to step down

This just in from Will Bigham:

Alvarez asked to resign
Will Bigham, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 05/21/2008 02:11:14 PM PDT

CLAREMONT – A local water representative called for the resignation this morning of director Xavier Alvarez, who has pleaded guilty to falsely claiming he won the Medal of Honor.

At a meeting this morning of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Director Brian Bowcock called Alvarez a “disgrace,” read from a lengthy list of Alvarez’s lies and urged Alvarez to have the “decency to resign your position.”

“You are a disgrace to the district, a disgrace to south Pomona and a disgrace to the Latino people of the community,” said Bowcock, who represents La Verne and Claremont. “But most of all, you have disgraced and embarrassed the servicemen and women of our country.”

  • Anonymouse

    He said he was shot 16 times!!!! Who is he, 50 Cent? Shoot him 8 times and see if he survives! What a turd!!!!