She forgot….

This comment popped up on the blog on Monday about a missing May 20 City Council meeting out of El Monte:

I have been trying to view the May 20,2008 council meeting that is
showm on the El Monte web page. Why hasn’t it appeared. Is someone
making sure we don’r view it? Removing or destroying videos that
pertain to public meetings is a federal offense. These tapes are for
public access under the freedom of information act. That is our rights
as a resident. Please don’t tell us the video equipement broke down or
the actual video was destroyed by the hand of God. That just won’t work
anymore. We really would like to see it. Is it avaliable from the city
clerk’s office? El Monte Resident-MIA Video

I called the city clerk’s office this morning to figure out what happened.

My first question: Was there actually a meeting? I was told there was.

My second question: Is there a reason why it’s not online? “That’s because I forgot,” the lady on the other line said, followed by a chuckle.

No fear, this simple, open government slip-up is supposed to be resolved in the next hour or two.

I’m just glad someone noticed in the first place.

  • EM City Council Patrol

    We are all human. No one is perfect….right? H O W could you not but notice that the May 20th meeting was not on the El Monte web. Can’t wait to see what other excuses T H E Y come up with. When is the next council meeting? Can’t find a date nor time.