Corona was more than shirtless and sweaty

Instead of curling up with a good book last night, I spent the evening poring over 20 pages of a Baldwin Park police report detailing Sergio Corona’s arrest last week.

Thanks to the city attorney, a large portion of the report’s narrative was redacted — I’ll be fishing for that explanation later today.

But until then, here are some highlights of the report:

*According to the report, officers Tased Corona twice in the chest
*Under the “Drug Influence Evaluation” portion of the report, Corona said, “I had some speed earlier.”
*Corona later told police, that he had “smoked methamphetamine and marijuana” earlier that night
*After being administered Ativan (a kind of relaxer) at a local hospital, Corona had this to say to police: “What the f*** happened? I don’t remember anything that happened. Am I in trouble? I don’t remember anything.”

Throughout the report, police also document Corona’s behavior and physical state: his heart rate was as high as 140 beats per minute, he was rocking his body back and forth and side to side, he was grinding his teeth and he was having eyelid tremors ——- all that in addition to the shirtless, sweaty descriptions we already knew about.