Leave me out of it

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Councilmembers Gary Taylor and Margaret Clark want their names removed from a series of signs that can be found on several construction projects around the city. The signs, which are paid for by architect Michael Sun, currently say that the projects are brought the community by the Rosemead City Council, City Manager Oliver Chi said.

It will be interesting to see if Clark and Taylor feel the same way when the projects are completed.

  • X-Ray Yankee Zulu

    With any luck, they won’t be on the city council when the projects are completed.

  • Anonymous

    Your clearly talking about John Tran and John Nunez right? I’m glad we are on the same page.

  • The Truth

    I would not want to be on the list either to “hype” these jobs as progress when they are wasteful spending and only line the pockets of developers who have bought the three amigos.

    If a developer ligitimately builds that is one thing, but fleecing the city is what smart people see.