UPDATED: Whittier’s huge potholes? Or not!

UPDATE: Turns out it’s not Whittier’s newest traffic calming device. It’s just an ad for Pioneer Suspension.

9724-pothole 1.jpg

  • Les Noriel

    What happens if an unsuspecting driver is caught unaware and is surprised by this deception? What happens if that driver makes an emergency maneuver that causes an accident? Property damage? or Personal Injury?

    Who will be liable?

  • X-Ray Yankee Zulu

    I agree with Les. If this is real, it’s stupid. Someone’s going to slam on their brakes or swerve to avoid the “pothole,” and then what? If you want to calm traffic, do it the old fashioned way–speed bumps, speed humps, dips, rumble strips, traffic enforcement, etc.