El Monte report could be released in public

There’s been a change of heart in El Monte City Hall.

Just yesterday, City Manager Jim Mussenden said that an investigative report looking into the alleged actions by El Monte Mayor Ernie Gutierrez would be issued in closed session because of concerns over potential litigation.

But today, he said that it was decided that the report needs to be discussed in open session – if it makes it on the agenda.

After Mussenden reads the report, he will decide whether to place the item on the agenda.

Gutierrez was accused earlier this month of attending a public, city-sponsored event drunk, and was groping his girlfriend and shouting out vulgarities.

  • A resident

    “But today, he said that it was decided that the report needs to be discussed in open session – if it makes it on the agenda”.

    It cannot be discussed in open session unless it is placed on the agenda. What kind of a game is the city manager playing? Censuring the mayor is important, but
    it appears that the city needs to send a letter of apology to the sister city for the obnoxious behavior of the mayor.

  • El Monte resident

    The agenda for the June 3, 2008, City Council meeting is posted on the city website. I guess Mr. Jim Mussenden decided that the incident didn’t need to be placed on the agenda. I think they hope that ignoring it will make it go away.

  • End the Madness-El Monte Private Eyes

    What does the city manager mean? “If it makes it on the agenda.” Why would’t it make it on the agenda? Who will decide? Not Jim. No, no, no. I don’t think so. Allegations against Ernie Gutierrez have been made. They came from a former retired El Monte Police Officer, Hank August. It was voiced at the May 6th city council meeting, under public business from the floor. We saw it on the citys cable channel 3. Why would the city manager, city attorney and the city council not believe him. Since when have they doughted one of their own? Do your homework. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. We are curious to know what happened that May 5th. If he didn’t do any of the things he is accused of, Gutierrez shouldn’t worry. It has to appear on the agenda. Mussenden, the mayor, city attorney Clark Mosely, Gomez, Barrios, Wallach and Isigaki know that according to the Brown Act agenda items MUST appear in order to be discussed. Who the heck are they kidding? Do they honestly think that we the residents are that uneducated? What an insult to all of us who first elected them into office. The State Attorney General and District Attorneys office should be made aware of what is going on at the El Monte City Hall. Especially these unethical, unlawful ill minded decissions.We are keeping an eye on this whole nasty incident. Keep it out in the open. Get a hand book on the BROWN ACT city manager Mussenden and city attorney Clark. Did you both forget how this is done??? Don’t violate the Brown Act. You now the LAW. Respect it.You can’t afford any more negative publicity for our city. ERNIE has done enough damage. End the madness, NOW! Knock off this BS.