Man dies in Duarte council chambers

I just spotted this on our Web site:

Council speaker falls, dies
By Melissa Pamer, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 05/28/2008 08:54:13 PM PDT

DUARTE – A resident collapsed in City Council chambers after addressing the council during public comments Tuesday night and later died of a heart attack.

John McKiernan, 52, a longtime Duartean, attended the council meeting to speak to the panel about the height of a neighbor’s fence, which McKiernan said exceeded city limits.

“When he left the podium, he just collapsed … right there in my arms,” his friend, Jim Hunley, said through tears Wednesday.

McKiernan had said at the outset of his comments that he wasn’t feeling well, city officials said. He continued speaking and fell to the floor after he returned to his seat, City Manager Darrell George said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Bobby Wyche attended to McKiernan. He found him breathing and with a pulse.

When paramedics arrived, they used a defibrillator to attempt to revive McKiernan, then took him to a local hospital, where he died, George said.

The meeting was adjourned after McKiernan’s collapse.

Hunley said McKiernan died of a massive heart attack.

  • Dan

    Apparently, this is not uncommon…. Steve Herfert, the long-time councilman out of West Covina mentioned in a debate over whether guns should be allowed in the chamber or not that the council chambers can be a hazardous place. He said he could recall several people having heart attacks after addressing the council.

    I guess it makes some people nervous… if they already have weak hearts, then it can happen.

    Btw, I see this post was written at 10:59 p.m. You really need to get a life JMac

  • West Covina Watcher

    Two people had heart attacks in the council chambers in West Covina. One was at a council meeting, the other was at a planning commission meeting. They both died. What a way to go. That would be the one of the last ways I want to die, aside from being set on fire.

  • Ouch

    I definitely wouldn’t want to die in the arms of Jim Hunley. I’ve sat next to him at Council meetings before and Hunley reaks of bad body odor and due to Hunley’s lack of good hygiene (taking a bath) his skin is covered with blotches of scabs – uhhhhhhh! Hunley, if you’re around me when I die, PLEASE let me fall to the ground!

  • Anonymous

    I have often heard it said that the thing American say they fear most is public speaking. . . .

  • Johnny “By the Book” Boombatz

    The fence must have been stressing him out.

  • jennifer mckiernan

    well i am Jennifer McKiernan John McKiernan’s daughter i am his middle one. I am going to turn 14 on June 11.
    I want to give a thnks to all the people that have been there for my family through these hard times. We dont know what we will do without all the love from these families that my dad has been in their families. So keep on putting comments with your love and keep on helping us.
    P.S. if anyone wants to contact me i have a yahoo and a myspace where i can talk to anyone

  • Jim Hunley

    A los Angeles police officer built an over height fence with out a permit. He has also remodeled his home and has not pulled one permit. Duarte city manager has refused to enforce the city codes. It is unfortunate that good citizens must get involved. PUBLIC CORRUPTION what else is Duarte city manager up to.

  • Nobody

    not good

  • John McKiernan (UK)

    my heartfelt condolences to John’s wife and daughter Jenny. My daughter, Jenny, showed me this blog. I too have stood for election here in England, I’m also about the same age as John (US). All good citizens have to stand up and be counted when they know something is wrong and yes it is very nerve wracking and anxiety provoking to do. John’s local community should celebrate that he got up and stood up for what he believed in and died trying to make his neighbourhood better. Whats with all the nasty comments? You should be ashamed of yourself.