El Monte’s scandal discussion will have to wait

Looks like the discussion on the report looking into allegations that Mayor Ernie Gutierrez was drunk at a city event didn’t make it onto El Monte’s agenda for Tuesday. City Manager Jim Mussenden said Thursday that the report wasn’t ready yet, and seemed doubtful that it would make it on to the agenda next week. But then again, it may never make it on to the agenda if he reviews the report and decides the findings are benign.

Some commenters have suggested a “cover-up.” We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You- Upset EM Resident

    Did anyone really expect it to appear? When will the report be ready? They will just come up with another lame excuse.Did the city investigate and question the Sister City Commissioners, the city council and Gutierrez that were present at the May 5th event? The City Manager, Messenden is to abide by the law like everyone else. Who watches over him? Why does he have the final say. He can’t possibly go against those that hired him. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Right Ernie? COVER UP…you bet ya! Time to call in the DA’s Office. They owe no one and are not owned by anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Your 100% right on it going away, this city is in one fine mess with money right now. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next two months.

  • Raul Garcia

    I’m more concerned about the $500,000 kick back the City Council gave Longo Toyota, on the condition Longe would hire an additional 100 employees, instead Longo laid off.

    I smell a rat.

  • Avid Reader

    29 years ago, Ernie Gutierrez was a member of We Tip. He was a very caring member of the community. Now, I think that he and rest of the revolving four members of the city council are just biding time and looking toward padding their retirement accounts. It is very sad that the city council chooses to become lax on personal conduct while taking away from basic emergancy services from the very community that has helped them to live comfortable lives. Just remember this, in the future when the retirement days do come, there will be a time when they will have to dial 911…hopefully there will be enough trained personell to answer that call.
    You lead the community…shall we all have a drink to that? Get yourself back on track and remember why you are where you are and what led you here. It was us, the voters, remember????

  • Time to call the L.A. District Attorneys Office-Familia Perez de El Monte

    Can’t wait for the L.A. District Attorneys office to get wind of this scandle. Then they will be saying,”Would of, could of, should of.” Is there no one on that city council that believes in upholding the law? What makes Ernie Gutierrez better than the rest? Who does he think he is anyways? It is apparent that the position of mayor has gone to his head, not to mention his ego. I guess Ernie doesn’t care a bit about El Monte and the negative image it is getting because of his unprofessional behavior. He should be recalled all together. We the voters got you in. We the voters will take you out of office and any other councilmembers who pull this kind of nonsense. Then we can all happily drink to that. CHEERS! SALUD!

  • Anonymous

    What exactly do you want the DA to do? The man was allegedly drunk in public, made inappropriate comments and grabbed his “girlfriend” in front of everyone. It is unprofessional behavior and horrid PR for the City. Even if he was arrested for drunk at the time, it is not retainable and he would have walked out the door in a matter of hours with nothing filed.

    If you want it to remain on the minds of the community, use your voice and speak in open forum at CC meetings, write to the paper and continue to comment on venues like this. Then vote him out. The paper is keeping it alive and well. Another article ran this morning.


    O.K. now what happened to the El Monte City Web Page. It won’t pull up. I tried other cities close to El Monte and they came up fine. Where did it disapear to? Now what are T H E Y trying to pull. Is this city web not going to be avaliable because of what is going on with Mayor Ernie Gutierrez? Please don’t try to hide or cover up what is going on in the city. What will disapear next? The cities minutes or videos of the most current city council meetings. Like the May 6th and 20th??? We as residents and voters are entitled to see, read and stay informed on what pertains to our elected officials as it may impact us. Doing this only draws more suspicion and attention to what it really taking place. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT…that will give us what WE are ENTITLED to. Come on City Attorney Clark Mosely and City Manager Kim Mussenden you two know better. Wake up Gomez, Barrios, and Wallach. Don’t allow this to happen. We already know where Gutierrez and Isigaki stand. The two buddies. Do right by the people that put you into office. You owe us that much.



  • Bystander

    Would someone PLEASE give “MIA EL MONTE WEB PAGE AND CITY VIDOES” a gift certificate to Circuit City. I just went to the City website and it is FINE and RUNNING. You can watch whatever you want to your heart’s content.

    Why don’t we all just take a deep breath and wait to see what Mussenden has to say when he has something to talk about. Right now all we seem to have is alot of loose talk. Alcohol was served to everyone at the cinco de mayo dance. Maybe that’s the real problem. Maybe we should ask everyone who was there to turn in breathalizer tests? Maybe we should send the City Manager to Mexico to see what the visitors from Mexico have to say? Maybe anytime anyone gets up at a city counicl meeting and accuses anyone of anything we should open an investigation because god knows there can’t be any thing more important that knowing who got drunk where and who they might be sleeping with.

  • Mayoe Not 2 Bright!

    On your article “Mayors behavior at event probed” you mentioned that Ernie Gutierrez had the city pave a private easement off of Maxson, where his girlfriend Graciela Solano lives. What other easements have been done at the tax payers expense. Roads are necesarry for they benefit the entire community, not one person. This cost a total of $50,000 dollars. I guess it does pay to sleep with someone of authority in a city. Anything is possible. His judgement is totally unethical and stupit. What else has he done for her and other friends? Why did the city council approve this. Where was the city attorney, Clark Mosely. He is suppose to protect this mayor who apparently is not too bright. Talk about a conflict of interest.

  • Do the Right Thing-Hector Delgadillo Resident

    I also read this article. I agree with the writer of this blog. Mayor Gutierrez is out of control. If the city council can not control his unprofessioal conduct, then who addresses it? It is up to us the voters who got him into office. He only serves for two years as mayor. It is time to look for another person who can do the job well and not bring down our city. We need to restore El Monte city council and the mayorship to what it was. Gutierrez has got to go his friend Emily Ishigaki is another one that needs to be ousted. Her comments about Gutierrez are that of an uneducated politician. She refers to the council as being “too busy to deal with the mayors distasteful, rude behavior.” What the heck is she there for? If she doesn’t care nor have the time she needs to hit the road. She gets paid quite well to do her job. She mentions that money should not be spent to hire another outside investigator. That this situation needs to go to the next level. Hello…it is already there lady! What council planet are you from? As the mayor and any other elected official they are entitled to their First Amendments Rights! But we are talking apples and oranges Emily. Ernie does not have a right to act like a total idiot. Remember this was a city sponsored event that staff helped put together. Tax payers money was used. Sister City Commissioners that you the mayor and council appointed took part in this event. Assemblymember Eng was present as were other elected school board members and community leaders. Foreign dignitaries were invited from two sister cities from Mexico as were their councilmembers and spouses. This was a full blown city event that was held on 5 de Mayo at a city facility, the Grace Black Hall. He as the MAYOR represented the CITY Of EL MONTE! He made a total ass of himself. Arriving drunk with his girl pal not his wife. Touching her inappropriately as everyone watched in shock. Using inappropriate vulgar language in spanish and english, and you say Emily that he is entitled and protected because he is the mayor. Are you joking? Why do you protect him? You can’t see your nose dispite your face Emily.Talk about a mayor who is full of himself. Two wrongs don’t make a right Emily. You should be ousted too. You don’t realize how serious this matter is and finding the truth really is to us the people of El Monte. An internal investigation should take place. But it should be done by an outside source. Not one in house. And certainly not by staff on appointed commissioners. Talk about the intimidation and uneasiness of doing this at all. Get Cooley involved. The District Attorney. He has staff that can get this investigation done. They are a higher source of ethics and law. Trust them. The majority of the city council owe that to their constituents. We will be watching to what you all say and do. Actions speak louder than words. Remember Ernie and Emily we are keeping our eyes on you two. You don’t fool us for one minute! Your consituent, Hector Delgadillo

  • Emily do the right thing-Your Friend

    Emily what are you thinking. We go way back and I was not happy to read what you said. You don’t owe Gutierrez antyhing. He is on his own. He created this whole mess. It is up to you and the rest of the city council to find a solution, a common ground. He has to be repromanded. You know that for a fact.We who have lived here in El Monte and expect the best from you four. Please do the right thing. You will be able to look at yourself in the mirrow and call yourself Councilwoman Ishigaki. Gutierrez has go to be recalled. We are proud of our city and he is not part of the equation. Your friend.

  • Johnny “By-the-Book” Boombatz

    This kind of embarrassing behavior seems to happen more often with small town politicians.

    Bell Gardens councilman drunk, passed out, badge stolen by prostitute…

    Southgate scandal…

    Maywood and Cudahy’s South of the Border-style fiefdoms…