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Council race will be heated
Article Launched: 06/02/2008 12:05:13 AM PDT

But in eyes of some local leaders, there are more important elections to focus on – even if those elections are more than a year away.

In Rosemead, the next election is in March 2009.

But ask anyone who attends the council meetings, and it appears as though Mayor John Tran and council members Margaret Clark and John Nu ez have been on the campaign trail for months.

It is still unclear who will be running for re-election, but community members seem to think that Clark, Nu ez and Tran will all be trying to win their seats back.

First, there’s Clark, who has sent out several fliers during the past several months opposing proposed city ordinances.

Then, there’s Nu ez, who was the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit, which was settled earlier this year. Last month, it looked like a damage control move when he sent out letters apologizing if he ever made employees uncomfortable.

Finally, there is Tran, who will be riding into the election on a second consecutive term as mayor.

Rosemead’s elected aren’t the only city officials that have the election in mind.

El Monte City Manager Jim Mussenden said recent allegations accusing Mayor Ernie Gutierrez of being drunk in public are “political.”

Other city officials have said they wouldn’t be surprised to see Henry August’s name on the ballot – and their city election isn’t until November 2009.

August was the man who lambasted Gutierrez for allegedly groping his girlfriend and shouting out vulgarities while drunk at a public event.
August, a former police officer, did not return calls for comment.

Gutierrez, Art Barrios and Juventino Gomez’s terms will expire in 2009.

In South El Monte, conflict over travel budgets have some council members wondering whether that means their political futures in the city will be stifled.

Mayor Blanca Figueroa, who has spent thousands of dollars more than her colleagues in meeting and travel expenses, will be up for re-election in November 2009. Angelica Garcia and Joseph Gonzales will also be up for re-election.

Recently, some council members have been more heated than ever as Figueroa continues to go over her spending budget.


El Monte is one of the few technologically-friendly cities in the San Gabriel Valley that actually posts City Council agendas and streaming videos of council meetings online.

It’s no wonder than that a reader so furiously complained on Monday when the May 20 council meeting was still not up on the city’s Web site to view.

The reader pointed to possible conspiracies, and questioned the city’s motives.

A staff member in the City Clerk’s Office said she “forgot” to put it up – nearly a week after the meeting was held.

The meeting was up and running on the Web site within about 30 minutes later. A day after the conversation with the staffer, city spokesman Matthew Weintraub called with some concerns.

Apparently, the city employee was “distressed” over the post on the Leftovers from City Hall blog, detailing why the video wasn’t posted.

Weintraub said he didn’t want people in the community to think the city was trying to hide something.

Apparently, the female staffer who spoke about the council meeting video does not usually do that job. The office is understaffed and it was just an honest mistake.

We did not mean to suggest there was some mysterious reason behind the missing video. We’re just happy the city posts the meetings online in the first place – unlike others who don’t even make it easy to pick up a printed agenda.



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  • Anonymous

    Maybe Mayor Figueroa of South El Monte and Mayor Gutierrez of El Monte should get together and spend some tax payer money on a “business trip” together. We might actually get something done. One could be out drinking, while the other is out eating.

  • Anonymous

    I am not at all surprised by Mayor Figueroa’s actions. She has been over her travel budget the last several years. Her excuse has been that she has to travel more than others because she is the “Mayor”. The last time I checked, her vote counted just as equally as the other council members.
    She should lead by example, and shame on her for being so inconsiderate of her community given the state of our economy.
    She claims she does missionary work in Mexico? How about actually doing some work for the residents and poor families in South El Monte?
    Thank you SGV Tribune for pointing out her excessive travel. I for one will let my family and neighbors know about Mayor Figueroa’s actions. We will not forget this when she comes knocking or calling us for our support for her re-election!

  • Concerned Tax Payer

    From what I remember reading in your paper, didn’t mayor blanca figueroa spend nearly $20,000.00 in travel last year?

    It’s people like her that really give cities a bad name!

    I surely hope the good residents of South El Monte will vote her out of office during the next election!

  • Concerned Tax Payer

    The way John Tran has been parading around town, is he really campaigning for Rosemead City Council or Assemblyman Mike Eng’s seat for the 49th Assembly District?

    I’m sure Walmart is going to be paying close attention to his race.

  • Anonymous

    When Councilman Nunez comes to my house, Ill make sure to tell my mom to lock the doors, or else he might grope her.

    Hey, I might be able to make some money off the city.

    “Mom, just let him feel one of your breasts”!

  • South El Monte Watch Dog

    I hope the rest of the South El Monte city council takes a stand against Mayor Figueroa.

    I know Councilman Delgado has taken a stand against her in the past. Lets watch and see if he does.

    If he does, he has my vote for Mayor!

  • Struggling Single Mother

    I am a single mother of 3, raising my children in South El Monte and I have yet to take my children on a vacation simply because I cannot afford it. All of my income is used to cover the basic needs to support my family. I am appauled that this woman (Mayor Firgueroa) can lavishly spend my tax payer money on trips to the tune of $20,000. I ask you, Mayor Figueroa, how do you justify spending this amount of money when there are so many people in our city who struggle everyday to make ends meet? I know what I can do with $20,000, that is nearly 3/4 of my annual income and I would invest it in my children’s education and safety.
    Just like the comment that was left by the other individual about letting his family and neighbors know about you Mayor Figueroa, I would like to go one step further and work to get you out of office!!!! I will support anybody that runs against her in the next Mayor election. Will the election be in March of 2009 or November of 2009?

  • Rodriguez Family

    We the residents of South El Monte should re-call this woman!

    Remebmber Mrs. Figueroa, you work for us tax payers! We put you in office, and we can get you out!

    I want to encourage all the residents of South El Monte to come to the next council meeting scheduled for June 10th at 6:30 pm and put this woman on notice!

    Enough is enough!

  • El Monte Resident

    I don’t know who is WORSE, Mayor Ernie Gutirrez of
    El Monte or Mayor Blanca Figueroa of South El Monte?

    One claims he “f***ing owns the city”, while the other feels entitled to tax payer money to travel.

  • Mayor Blanca M. Figueroa

    Thank you for showing a concern over my travel expenses. These meetings, conferences and travel deal with our community. They are approved by the entire city council before we attend. These conferences have helped bring much needed resouces, grants and bonds to the City of South El Monte. Competition in the playing field is regerious. Meetings go from 6am to 8pm or longer. I am fortunate to invite businesses, contractors, corporations, and interested parties to invest in our city. The future looks brighter and better for all who live in South El Monte. I will continue to do what has been done within the last 5 years. Progress has a price to pay unfortunetly. I only wish these meeting places were closer to home. We don’t pick where they are held. But we must travel to get there eitherway. It is a lot of work and it is quite demanding. I attend all courses, sessions and work well into the night and early mornings. It is an investment for us all. Do we benefit from this all? Absolutely. There are no vacations as a reader put it. One comes back mentally and physicall exhauted. Thanks to these meetings, conferences and travel, you as residents have statred to see growth and progress in our city and will continue to do so. Please feel free to contact me at city hall should you have qustions or concerns. I welcome your voice and opinion.
    Respectfully, Mayor Figueroa

  • Mr. and Mrs. Garcia from South El Monte

    I just happened to read these blogs on my city of South El Monte. I would never, ever vote for Hector Delgado. Remember he tried to impose a utility tax on us all in South El Monte. Look at our economy now! Gasp. He also lead the way to bring the El Monte Police into our city and cut loose the Sheriff from Temple City. He is always honored by the El Monte Police and is involved more in El Monte than South El Monte. He should live there. I would be more than happy to help him move out anytime. How he got in as a councilmember is beyound me.

  • Great Job Mayor Figueroa Familia Gonzalez

    I would rather have Mayor Figueroa continue what she has done for South El Monte for the last several years. She has made a positive change in city hall and in our city. Say what you all may. But the truth is the truth no matter if you care for her or not. We don’t need a recall. It costs too much. Just wait for more great developments in our city. Then you all can comment. Keep up the wonderful job, Mayor Figueroa. We who have lived here for many years will continue to support you no matter what may come. We are very proud to have the first elected female latina. You get the job done. We are all aware of your committment to our children, seniors, soldgiers and veterans. Thank you. Familia Gonzalez

  • Nguyen Clan

    I would like to clarify several things for Mr. and Mrs Garcia. First of all the issue at hand is mayor Figueroa’s travel.

    Fact#1 There was a meeting held to discuss the possibilty of having a tax to hire more Sheriffs’. There was never a tax imposed!

    If there were a tax, me and my family would gladly pay this to hire more Sheriffs’.

    Fact#2 There were several community meetings held to discuss the Sheriffs’ services to the community. A number of surrounding police agencies were asked the level of service provided for the amount of money the city of South El Monte pays. There was never a vote to get rid of our Sheriffs’ and bring in the El Monte Police Department.

    I know these facts because he personally explained them to me and my family.

    In addition Mr. and Mrs. Garcia, the Delgado family have been residents of South El Monte for nearly 40 years. Just because his family has been involved in law enforcement is no indicator that they should live in another city because they are honored by them.

    So you know, Mr. Delgado’s brother is a Sheriff’s Deputy! He has always been a supporter of the department. Me and my family feel much safer knowing we have an officer living near us.

    As for your issue about being honored by the El Monte Police Department, that is a wonderful thing to accomplish! Being honored is a true indicator of one’s commitment to a cause!

    Lastly, to address your comment about “how he got into office is beyond you”, is just a dumb comment. If you really follow what’s going on in the city, you would have known that he ran un-opposed in his last election. Obviously he is doing something right!

    If you feel things arent right in the city than you or your wife should run for public office.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Garcia from South El Monte…and Proud of it!

    We are well aware that no utility taxes were imposed. We attended the meeting that Hector Delgado and Angelica Garcia held in a room at Epiphany Church. Hector argued in favor. Blanca was the only person to oppose it in the open. She also went around to small mom and pop owned businnes to gather signatures against this. We know because we helped her as did our family and neighbors. The business owners would of gone under. They too have families to feed and matter in South El Monte. She fought it at an open city council meeting. We were there. It never made it on the ballot because she defeated it on the floor. Thanks to her we don’t have to pay these outrageous idiodic taxes. Look at our present ecomonic state of affairs.

    Secondly it was Delgado who had on his agenda to go out for a different law enforcement agency all together. Our son has friends with the El Monte Police that he went to school with. They were all saying that it was a “done deal” from the get go since Delgado got money for his campaign to run. The El Monte Police Chief and other police rank and file were also at his fundraisers and with him and Angelica on election night. Try putting two and two together. DA. It is called “pay back time!” The other two law enforcement cities were called in for show. It was all part of the big plan. Mayor Figueroa and Councilmember Gonzales were the ONLY TWO that opposed it since Hector brought this idea to the city council. Try getting your so called “facts” together, Mr.Clan, if in fact that is your real name. You sound more like a politician. Video tapes are avaliable at the City Library for you and other residents to check out. View these meetings and then and only then will you sound believeable. By the way Mayor Figueroa also ran unopposed. First time in the citys history. We know she is doing something right! We are a better city because of her. Check out your neighborhoods, Mr.Clan. But first do your homework. Credibility remember that word Mr. Clan, or whomever you are. PS NO NEED TO BE NASTY ABOUT RUNNING FOR CITY COUNCIL. WE ARE JUST FINE WITH THE PRESENT CITY COUNCIL. Mr.and Mrs.Garcia South El Monte

  • South El Monte Watch Dog

    Remember folks, the issue here is Mayor Blanca Figueroa’s travel!!!!!!!!

    Please dont distort this Mr. and Mrs. Garcia. If that is really your name.

    Stick to the issue of ABUSE OF TRAVEL!

    Don’t try and deflect the attention that Mrs. Figueroa has brought upon herself.

  • Anonymous

    Is the Mayor so afraid of her actions, that she has other people trying to justify what she is doing?

    Don’t these people see what the really subject is? It is not about other councilmembers, rather what reporters Jennifer McLain and Tania Chatila have reported.

    Thank you Jennifer and Tania for your investigative journalism. I hope you continue to follow this story with the mayor. Continue asking those tuff questions of our elected officials!

  • Anonymous

    I have watched the videos of the council meetings in the past.

    All I can say, is that Mayor Figueroa really likes to hear herself talk! Those meetings are dominated by her commenting on everything. I encourage other to view them and see for yourself.

    No disrespect to the Mayor, but she needs to listen more and take a few public speaking courses.

  • Concerned Tax Payer

    Mrs. Figueroa, get a life and a job!

    Stop spending our tax payer money!

  • “Why Fix it, IF it ain’t Broke?” Mr. and Mrs. Garcia

    Anonymous what is your real name? Do you even exist as a resident? You can’t even use your real name. What are you hiding? You seem to be several of the blog writers. Your style is the same. Please don’t try to fool us who have been on these blogs for quite some time. OK who has it out for Mayor Figueroa? Who wants to destroy her hard work and dedication to South El Monte? Election time must be upon us. Am I right? So lyou have started to fling those negative allegations, accusations and what ever else you have prepared to hit her with. Please don’t do it. It only hurts South El Monte. You can’t possibly be that thoughtless, or could YOU? The mayor can hold her own as she has demonstrated time and time again. Election after election. Who of the council is after her seat? Who has no guts to put their “real” names or NAME on these blogs? You don’t think that we can’t figure it out. Is it one of the councilmembers “cloonies”? Don’t start playing games. We really thought that we as a city were over these tactics, but I guess we were wrong. When you have persons with their own hidden agenda (especially other elected officials)they hit below the belt. Just like some of you or ONE of YOU is doing.We are grateful to finally have a mayor and council that get things done in our city. Why throw that away? Maybe a councilmember is running for higher office and wants to discredit and smear Mayor Figueroa’s solid reputation and good name? It won’t work, sorry to inform you all or ONE. We the people know better. We deserve more credit than this nonsense. We have made the right choice in the election of mayor for South El Monte. Never mind the public speaking courses Mayor Figueroa. We intend to keep it that way! You do a great job Mayor Figueroa. Keep it up. Get with the program, Anonymous. “Why fix it, IF it ain’t broke.”
    Mr.and Mrs. Garcia…still of South El Monte


    Mrs. Mayor Figueroa thank you for all that you do in our city. We see you at our city events, church, senior center, community center, and at our children’s sport games. You are very occupied with doing what we elected you to do. We know now have many meetings you need to attend to make our city have a voice. We really appreciate that more than you realize. Your job is our City of South El Monte. This TAXPAYER supports your efforts. Many of us do in South El Monte.As our Mayor that is were you belong. We will make sure of that. Don’t worry. God bless you.
    Taxpayers Ramirez Family

  • Mr. and Mrs Kim from South Korea :D

    Yeah, it takes real guts to say you’re “Mr. and Mrs. Garcia” from South El Monte. Pleased to meet you. We’re Mr. and Mrs. Kim, from South Korea.

    Everyone who posts here is anonymous, whether they put a name at the top of their post or not. There’s no practical way to verify who anyone claims to be. Stop pretending like your opinion is somehow more important than anyone else’s.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I can’t beleive all the controversy I have stirred up.

    I certainly can read the hostilty the Mayor and her alleged supporters are eeling.

    I can’t help but laugh as she thinks there is some type of conspiracy against her to get her out of office. Her supporters go as far as writing that their are other elected officials out to get her.

    I don’t see any hidden agendas other than what has been posted about the mayor’s travel.

    I agree with Concerned Tax Payer, stop spending our tax dollars!

    For the record, for Mr. and Mrs. Garcia me and my family are residents of South El Monte and have been for 25 years.

  • South El Monte Watch Dog

    Does the Mayor have a job?

    I almost spit up my food, as I read that her “job is South El Monte”.

    What does seeing the Mayor at the city events, church,senior center, community center, and sports games have to do with spending $20,000.00 on travel?


    God Bless the people who sit back and condone this type of out of control spending behavior.

    I certainly don’t.

  • Anonymous

    I just farted. Does that mean I’m after the Mayor’s seat?

    I’m afraid that this has all just gone a little to far.

  • Nguyen Clan

    Mayor Figueroa, all my family and I ask, is for you to be considerate and conscious of your travel.

    I am blessed to live in such a wonderful city. Lets keep it that way.

    We have seen some great changes the last several years. I want the city to continue doing great things for their residents.

  • Anonymous

    If I get with “the program” does that mean I get to travel anywhere with the mayor?

    Clearly, who ever Mr and Mrs Garcia are, they can’t in their right minds try to defend the actions of the Mayor on her travel.

    I am also amazed at how they think this has all become some type of conspircy against this woman. Who cares!

    Relax people!

  • Mr. Nuygen Tax Payer Single Father

    Travel has become a big issue. What about all the money that the entire city council recieves for other city expenses? Where does the buck really stop? I am sure you can travel with any of the council or mayor. But you would have to flip the bill. Of course if you are lucky enough maybe you can travel with Hector Delgado to China. He traveled with Emily Isigaki from El Monte. He took well over $800 dollars worth of gifts to China from our city tax money.
    How did the city benefit from that? Hector Delgado is also having the city pay for his college education. Well over $8,000 dollar. Who else is going to college at the tax payers expense. Under what part of the city budget is that under? I would like to ask Tania and Jennifer from the San Gabriel Tribune to look into this “extra expense.” I would like to know how I can send my son and daughter to college and travel to China. Mr. Delgado can I get a letter of collateral from you please. Seems you know how to work the system very well. I am a single father raising my two teenagers on a fixed income. Mr. Nuygen

  • Mrs. Helena Romero Enough is Enough

    I do not see anyone defending the mayor nor any one else for that matter. She does not need to be defended. Seems like most of you have already convicted her. She is the person we elected as Mayor to do what must get done. Conspiracy on whose part? You, who wish to read more into these comments, that’s who. People have a right to express themselves. That is their Constitutional Right, under Freedom of Speech and the Press. Leave the woman alone. I am surprized to see that when this surfaced before no one seemed to pay attention. Why Now? Is this one of those tag you are it blogs. Come on people. Enough with the cheap shots and nasty, mean comments on the mayor. You have made your point. Put down the daggers. She did address you the community. Respectfully and to the point. Give her that much credit. Think about it.

  • Mrs. Flores and Grandma and the 5 kids from South El Monte

    I would just like to say that Blanca Figueroa, the Mayor has helped many of us in the city. Some one said that she only helped the people in Mexico and not here at home. That is not true at all. She fills her car with food, clothing and toys for some of the families in our own neighborhoods. She has had the same ministry group bring truck loads of groceries, toys and other things that families need just to get by on. I have gone with my mother and five children to the annual Mayors Christmas toy luncheon and toy and food give away. She always takes part and helps to raise the money. She has also had food delivered to the Senior Center where I take my mother. We help unload her car and we all get the same amount. She gives away the Christmas gifts she gets from the business people. She is always looking afer us. Especially the children and people in the trailer homes who need it the most. She has touched many people that others don’t want to deal with or care about. You have to know her like we do. Why are you people being so mean and writing very bad things. Shame on you. You just need to be civil. That is all.

  • People Get Some Help

    I agree with Mrs. Flores. Where has civility gone. Some of these comments are simply rediculous. They are for the most part mean spirited. It is like an angry mob mentality. Once the first stone is thrown it continues. Some of you writers have some real issues. I don’t see them as being centered around the mayor. She has become your escape goat for whatever you are distrubed about. Please review what you have written. It sounds terrifying, filled with much anger and pain.
    Help yourselves first.

  • Anonymous

    People, are you focusing on the issue of travel or other councilmembers?

    If I read the comments correctly, this all started because Mayor Figueroa went over her travel budget again.

    Some of these comments are not only mean spirited, they sound to me like someone is trying to take the attention away from what they did and push it off on someone else.

  • Concerned Resident

    I agree with Anonymous. What is the real issue here. Seems to me that this is a budgetting issue more than anything else. This could of been handeled at city hall. What will appear on the next agenda for June 10th? Someone has an ax to grind with the mayor. By the sounds of these blogs it is ovious that that will be Hector Delgado. Out to be the good guy. Making himself as the guru of travel. Yet Delgado was over budgetted and Louie Aguinaga shifted some of his travel money over to Delgados travel account. He didn’t come out as being over budgetted, now did he? That was taken care of. Smart move boys.Why didn’t that appear in the Tribune? Seems like someone dropped the ball.


    Is South El Monte Watch Dog really aka Hector Delgado, the councilmember? Something to think about??? They both seem to know all the moves, play by play. Notice how he likes to fuel the fire. His statements are the nastiest and meaniest of them all. I had to go back and re-read his comments. You clearly show your anger and impatience. You want everyone to agree with what you have to say. Who died and made you king of the blog? Everyone has a right to comment on this blog. That is why it is called a “BLOG.” I find you Very interesting Councilmember Delgado. Why would you be so low handed? It shows me that you have no respect for the office you hold. Get some help for the sake of our city and the rest of the city council. I would hate to have to deal with you in a dark alley, or anywhere else for that matter. You are just too vicious for me. How can anyone in their right mind put up with you is beyound me. With all due respect councilmember Delgado,You desperately need some professional help.
    We will pray for you.

  • Sick of it

    Im sick of the political mudslinging that seems to be taking place here. Everything is speculation from everyone, except the fact that the Mayor does not understand that if you dont have money, you dont go anywhere. The South El Monte revisited article claims that the City has already reduced their spending for the exact same thing that the Mayor is doing now. Fiscal responsibility and understanding that the City is not your personal piggy bank should be very important to every citizen. How many us take vacations and have your company pay for them? How many us cant afford to take multiple trips to Mexico? Im sick of everyone telling me how wonderful the Mayor isShe may be wonderful to some, but when you dont have a job and your only means of supporting yourself is the money the City provides, thats not wonderfulthats an unwanted dependant that you cant claim on your taxes. If I didnt have to work and could spend my days being wonderful everyone would love me too. Sick of her and of her excuses.

  • Get a life Sicko Mr. Reality

    Mr. Sicko if are so sick of reading how “wonderfull” the mayor is, then why do you even bother to read these comments? Why are you so sick of her and her so called excusses. Are you jealious of who she is and what she does? Or are you more angry that the people of South El Monte realize that she is a good mayor and has done right in their eyes? Oviously they care about her and like her as a person. Deal with it. Seems like you are reading more into what is happening. Maybe she is retired. You know people are allowed to do that after working for many years. Do you even know if taxes are paid for what the city council recieves. Guess what? They all do. Being an elected official brings on many responsibilities and it is a time comsumming job. I know I wouldn’t want that kind of job. However my hats off to all who take it on. Especially a mayor who puts up with comments like yours. Mr. Reality

  • Sick of it

    Mr. Delusional, I mean Mr. Reality. Your comments were as absurd, as your belief that I would be jealous of her position or of her in general. You should address the issues before you, which is, her uncontrolled spending habits when it pertains to travel. As for her being retired, she is not, just unemployable, I mean unemployed. This is an elected position and serving on a council or as a mayor is a privilege not to be abused. If the job is so time consuming, HOW COME EVERY OTHER COUNCILMEMBER HAS A J0B? HOW COME ALMOST ALL OTHER COUNCILMEMBERS AND MAYORS IN THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY HAVE JOBS? You actually need a REALITY CHECK. We are not interested in how nice the Mayor is, were interested in how she spends tax payer money. And Im supposed to be impressed that she pays taxes on the Money the City provides? Give me a break, that kind of mentality is what makes her think she can spend recklessly on her travel without any consequences. I am not attacking anything else about her other than her lack of fiscal responsibility to the residents of South El Monte. As an after thought, use spell check, it works.

  • Do Your Home Work SICKO!

    WHO the heck does Sicko think he is, Mr. Encyclopedia, Mr. Dictionary? You have got some nerve dude. You are no better than anyone else on these blogs. But I guess in your feeble insecure little mind you must think your—–don’t stink. She is retired from Mt. View School District. She also worked for Congresswoman Grace Napolitano. Shows how ill informed and ridiculous your are Sicko.

  • Larry Choi-Rosemaed Neighbor

    I thought we had issues in Rosemead. You people in South El Monte take the cake. Especially Sicko, South El Monte Watch Dog(it should be Bulldog) and Concerned Tax Payer. Talk about an angry, frustrated , bunch of scary people. All I can say to the mayor is watch your back. Someone has got it in for you big time. Good Luck

  • Blanca M. Figueroa Mayor South El Monte

    I have read all youe statements. I am sorry to see that some of you have become very upset over these blogs. Please don’t take it out on each other or the city council. They are not the issue. Leave their names out of this whole situation. Don’t make accusations, insinuations or any alleged comments you don’t know about them or any of the staff. I am the person and the issue on hand. Don’t stir the pot! We are doing just fine as a united city council and we would like to keep it that way. I am very blessed to work with four gifted, wise and dedicated councilmembers.I have respect for who they are as individuals and as elected official as I do the entire staff in the city.
    To answer some of your questions. Yes, I am retired from the Mt. View School District as a Paraprofessional and yes, I did work for Congresswoman Napolitano handeling Military and Veteran Affairs on her behalf. I miss the children, my friends and the veterans. Yes, I do pay taxes on the stipend I recieve from the city. You did ask. I have a nice retirement package that I earned and worked for. Yes, I do volunteer for many organizations not only here in South El Monte but the San Gabriel Valley. I help support many of our non-profits in our city that help out the ones most in need in our city. That includes Lillian Rey with the El Monte/South El Monte Emergency Resources and Irene Portillo with Project Amiga. My concern will always be South El Monte families, children, seniors and veterans first. Being the mayor of South El Monte is a full time job. I not only work on weekdays but weekends. It is a 7am to 10 pm job, 7 days a week.I deal with the residents as well as the business community. My cell phone and home home are made avaliable to all who need to get in touch with me. I am very proud and honored to serve as the Mayor of this dynamic and progressive city. We will deal with travel expenses at our next council meeting. Our staff are currently working on our city budget. We have been in the black for five years since I took the office of Mayor and we have a solid reserve and a great operating budget. I make sure of that first and foremost.We as a council will help find resolve and a solution to this issue.
    Respectfully,Blanca M.Figueroa Mayor of South El Monte

  • Mayor Pro-Tem Delgado

    I am very saddend by the number of comments left on this blog. I am compeled to let everyone on this reader board know that Mayor Figueroa and myself have been the two elected officials in South El Monte who have voted the closes when it comes to issues in our city.

    She has been my friend and my supporter in previous elections, as I have been a supporter of her.

    I want to make this very clear to everyone here.

    There some many negative comments here about our Mayor and myself. We both have tough skin, but some of these comments are over-board.

    For all of you who assume that I have commented as another person, I say to you, I have the courage to put my name on anything I feel strongly about.

    This is why I have to put my foot down. I want everyone to know that because of the leadership of our Mayor, and the unity that our council has had the past several years, many outstanding projects have been completed.

    I will not let anyone tear down what we have helped build for our community.

    This council has accomplished more in the last five years, than the last five previous administrations.

    I am sorry Mayor Figueroa that you and me have been the target of such negativity.

    As I have pledged to you, and our residents, I will continue to work as hard as I possibly can.

    Lastly, I would like to close by saying, that I have an open door policy. Anyone can come by my office or make an appointment to see me.

    We will continue to be a united council regardless of all these negative comments!

    Mayor Pro-Tem Hector Delgado