A prop party

I just got off the phone with Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano who sounded like a kid in a candy store over the passing of Prop. 99 and the failure of Prop. 98.

Lozano told me he and Councilwoman Marlen Garcia were up late Tuesday night following voter results, with soymilk and Starbucks on hand —- a sort of proposition party if you will.

The mayor said he was “elated” that voters saw through Prop. 98. “Prop. 99 gives us the advantage to move forward.”

He’s talking of course about a proposal to redevelop 125 acres of the downtown area into an urban village.

Lozano said while the city still needs to check with legal counsel, Prop. 99’s passing likely means no homes will be seized in the redevelopment process. (It was estimated that more than 200 homes and businesses would have faced relocation through eminent domain)

Looks like the business owners won’t be so lucky.

“This is big for us,” Lozano said. “But at the same time, we are going to be working with everyone.”

  • Taxpayer

    prop 99 wont do nothing.