Man allegedly gets smacked by female cop

A man who was arrested by Covina police has filed a lawsuit against the city and police officials, Brian Day reports. West Covina resident Eduardo Jaime alleges that a female Covina cop used excessive force — including kicking and punching him — while he was handcuffed outside a Covina bar.

The city had no comment — but some of our readers sure did…

Good for you! Do not ever let anyone violate you!
I had a ridiculous experience a month ago where I called Covina PD nonemergency trying to report a suspicious person. Patrol officers showed up and went after a guy who looked nothing like the description that dispatch apparently ignored.
Oh, this happened at a bar. Alcohol was involved no doubt. Police were responding to a fight, but observed a second fight. So two fights +alcohol at a bar = mouthy guy who got **** slapped by a woman cop. Now that is funny.

BOO F **** HOO! The Well is not known for it’s high-class, intellectual, refined atmosphere, anyway! Just another hole-in-the-wall dive that caters to lounge-lizards and bar flys.

Got beat up by a chick cop. Love it!!!!!
Get back to the day labor site and leave the city alone


  • Tribune Racism

    why did you feel it necessary to post a comment by clamchuck. how does he know the guy was a day laborer. Just because his name is spanish. this post says alot about YOU and Clamchuck

  • What a wus

    that guy sounds like a wus.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say why this is so hilarious