Double standard?


Driving home yesterday, I passed a sheriff’s deputy driving in the opposite direction and happened to notice he was on his cell phone.

Considering we’re less than three weeks away from the start of a law that will ban cell phone use in the car unless you’re using a hands-free, shouldn’t this law enforcement official be setting a better example?

Just a thought…

  • Road Warrior

    A cop stopped me once and told me to put down my cell phone but I see them do this all the time. That is bunk

  • Anonymous

    This is a double standard

  • The new sections do not restrict Law Enforcement or other emergency personnel from using a phone for work purposes. It will be up to individual agencies to set policy as to using the cell phones. Does it look bad? Sure. I try to pull to the side of the road and use the phone. Hopefully, most LE will view it as bad PR and do the right thing. We have a page on the new laws with links to DMV info.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand if they need to use their phones but it would be nice if they set a good example too.

  • Anonymous

    To APOA:

    Can you use the speaker phone feature of a cell phone whithout breaking the law?