News of the weird

What a freaky Friday the 13th event.

During a round of cop calls today, reporter Brian Day said that a casket fell into an open grave during a funeral at a Monrovia cemetery, and then the body popped out of the casket. Obviously, mourners were freaked out. I don’t blame them.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t buy a cremation casket if you’re not gonna be cremated!

  • Anonymous

    Ya. I heard there was nothing but DEAD silence …

    [Is this microphone on?]

    Okay but seriously….

    I heard what was really weird was that the dead guy had a reputation for being a real STIFF.

    [Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. You’ve all been wonderful, I’ll be appearing at the Tiki Lounge with Henny Youngman all this week. Don’t forget to tip the waitreesses]

  • Anonymous

    This is really creepy

  • La Puente Resident

    I like this type of stuff. please tell us more like this.