El Monte keeps report hidden

Well, another week has passed and it looks like El Monte doesn’t have plans to talk about an investigative report that was prepared by staff looking into allegations that Mayor Ernie Gutierrez showed up at a city event drunk.

City Manager Jim Mussenden received the report more than a week ago, and said that he would decide whether to place the item on the agenda for public discussion. But a review of this week’s agenda shows that there won’t be any discussion on the item. Has Mussenden read it and decided it’s not important? I’ll find out later today.

  • Anonymous

    The report read, its ok to have a drunk mayor

  • Anonymous

    Why do you even say “allegations” after you already tared and featherd the guy.

  • Sigh…. Anonymous #2 — It’s tarred and feathered. There should be a rule: No posting unless you know how to spell. Is that possible, Ms. McLain?

  • El Monte Resident

    West Covina Watcher, you should be more active in your own neighborhood to bring about positive change instead of worrying about what is going on in other cities and how well people spell.

    Degenerates like you spend way to much time sucking up to the Tribune and commenting on every issue.

    The rule should be for you to be man or woman enough to sign your real name on all your post.

  • Upset Resident EM

    It does not surprize me one bit. The city manager does not have the say as to what should be put on the city councils agenda. He is hired by the five elected officials. So of course he will cover his _ _ _. The council who is elected by the residents must do right by them. They decide not Mussenden. He is not an elected council member. He is just an employee. He takes direction from the city council. Not the other way around. What gives him the right to decide? He has no authority. We already know that the three amigos, Juventino, Art and Emily don’t have a backbone. Integrity, an open and honest government means nothing to them. What a sorry excuse for these three elected officials. Don’t even bother with the drunken mayor. At least Pat is willing to make an effort. Will it be swept under the rug? I hope not.

  • Get It Together

    What idiots have taken over the El Monte City Hall? This all seems to be a big joke to them all. These documents are avaliable to nthe residents. It was done on city time and at city expense. We the residents flipped the bill. We are entitled to the report on Mayor Gutierrez’s May 5 saga. Ask the city attorney, Clark Moseley. Hopefully he won’t give you misinformation or lie to you. Get it together Barrios, Gomez and Ishigaki. You know better.


    Mussenden needs to get the boot. What a sorry excuse for a city manager. Doesn’t he have a Cod of Ethics to follow? Does he not realize that the people of El Monte wants answers to their questions? Mayor Gutierrez needs to face the truth no matter what it is.
    He made this happen. No one else. The city council of El Monte better do what they were elected to do. I can’t wait to hear the outcome of this ordeal. Where will the council stand on this isssue. I am making sure all my neighbors and friends know about this. No more Gutierrez that is for sure. No more Ishigaki nor Mussenden. Send them all on a one way ticket to Land of the Lost and Hopeless.

  • West Covina Watcher,

    Not a bad idea. But if there was a spelling rule for this blog, none of my posts would ever make it through!


    Sorry, I have bad currculation in both hands. I can barely use my computer as it is. I try my best. My kids try to help me. I am a lost case. You should see the letters to my kids and grand kids. THey are used to it. Still thanks for the information on the city. The fact is we all try our best. That is what really matters. RIGHT?

  • Anonymous from EM

    Don’t worry. At least you get your opinion posted. That’s what matters. Well back to good El Monte. Did Mussenden decide to have the Gutierrez saga on the agenda or not? Does he even realize how unprofessional he looks to the public right now? Does he even care about how weak he portrays himself as the city manager of El Monte? All thanks to Mayor Ernie “I don’t give a crap” Gutierrez.

  • Mr. Garcia

    Send that mayor packing asap. Save your city before it is too late. Send that Emily lady too. She sounds like a bad influence on the city as well.

  • Anonymous

    Resident EM is right. The Tribune directs attention where it wants wants attention directed. I wish they would spend more time on reporting facts rather than stirring the conjecture pot.

  • Anonymous

    Resident EM is right. The Tribune directs attention where it wants wants attention directed. I wish they would spend more time on reporting facts rather than stirring the conjecture pot.