Report out, but not to public

Here’s the most up to date info I have about the El Monte report. One expert said it should be released to the public regardless of whether the council decides to discuss it.

Report on mayor released to council
By Jennifer McLain, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 06/16/2008 10:38:02 PM PDT

EL MONTE – The city declined Monday to release a staff investigation into allegations that Mayor Ernie Gutierrez acted inappropriately at a city-sponsored event.

El Monte City Council members on Thursday received the report, which dealt with accusations that the mayor was drunk, groped his girlfriend and shouted vulgarities at a May 3 event.

“The report has gone to council,” said city spokesman Matt Weintraub. “But it is up to the council to determine how they want to deal with it.”

Gutierrez did not return calls for comment.

Terry Francke, counsel for Californians Aware, an open-government advocacy group, said council members can choose not to discuss the report, but they must make it available to the public.

“Under (open meeting laws), any document that is delivered to a majority of a body … is subject to disclosure on request,” Francke said.

If the council chooses to discuss the item, it must be done in open session, Francke said.

On Monday, Councilwoman Patricia Wallach said that she requested that the council discuss the report in public and the soonest it could be discussed is the July 7 council meeting.

The City Council asked for an investigation into the matter because it occurred at a city-sponsored event.

“It is a public matter, and the report should be public,” Wallach said. “We’ve asked for this investigation, and the people are waiting to see what it is about. They have a right to

The accusations were made at a May 6 council meeting by resident Henry August, who complained that Gutierrez acted inappropriately with Graciela Solano at a city-sponsored event. Officials said Solano is the mayor’s girlfriend.

August chose to approach Gutierrez publicly because he wanted the city to take action, although some have accused August of having political motivations.

“The whole point was his actions. It has nothing to do with his personal life or with politics. It was just that the behavior was an embarrassment to the city,” August said.

Council members would not discuss the details of the two-page report.

Wallach said some residents who have talked to her believe the city will ignore the allegations.

“We are not going to let this drop,” Wallach said. “It has to be cleared up one way or another.”

  • Grrr… Do these people not know what the Brown Act is?

    Maybe they should take a class before they decide on the fate of Mayor El Cochino.

  • El Monte Bull Dog

    This whole bs will get shoved under the carpet. Thanks to City Mangler Jim Mussenden. He will have the final say. Gomez, Barrios ans Ishigaki are too afraid and only want to save their own hides. They too take marching orders from the Big Bad Boys of the El Monte Police. Remember they got big mula to run for re-election. Especially Ernie the drunken fool and Emily the council clowm. All do nothings. A sad excuse of elected dummies. What a shame for our city of El Monte.
    Is there no justice?

  • Get Real from El Monte

    Get with the program. There is no justice at the End of the Santa Fe Trail. Not with Larry, Moe, Curley and Chemp. The mayor and his four amigos.

  • Gomez Family

    Where can I get a copy of this report on Mayor Gutierrez. I would like to see the facts in back and white. Is it avaliable at the city hall? Will there be a cost for a copy? I have been waiting patiently for this investigation. Can you the Tribune print it in your paper if I can’t get it? Thank you. Gomez Family

  • Citizen of El Monte

    El Monte Bull Dog, you are absolutely right! All of this will get shoved underneath the carpet just like everything else in that City. Jim Mussenden wont do anything, because he doesnt want those allegations of sexual harassment against him to leak out. Ooops, did I just type that? The police department was able to pull their resources together and help their officials elected into office so they could tell the city council what to do. I also heard the Mayor is always drunk and has had sex with his girlfriend in the back seat of his car at the rear of the Jolly Jug. Real classy!

  • Rosemead Resident

    Wow and I thought we had issues in Rosemead. You guys in El Monte take the cake. Your mayor sounds like a real winner. (NOT) I suggest you start a recall. If the rest of your city council is on his side, recall them too. They don’t sound very mart. I guess you also have the three amigos plus one. Good luck El Monte.

  • Why don’t we look at the actual destructive forces in our town and country?

    Who cares if a guy gets drunk? Was he driving? Was he cited for violating a drunk in public law? Groping the girlfriend was not consensual? Was he in the act of representing the public at the time he was drunk and groping his girlfriend? I don’t see where any of the above was likely the case.

    Whatever, people. Stick to the soaps on TV. A person you may be trashing may have more good in them than bad. You are right to look at the transparency of government, ie. Brown Act, etc. Be discerning.

    It’s like throwing around racial epithets, calling a person a racist, a rapist, etc., or just using the word “fuck” all the time. After awhile the word doesn’t mean anything and we have undermined our ability to recognize the results of the very real crimes we have before us.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Dam I ate there……..