West Covina reduces deficit, sort of

In May, West Covina officials forecasted a $7.9 million deficit for the 2008-09 budget year.

But after slashing each department’s budget by 5 percent, along with restructuring, suspending police officer signing bonuses, pre-paying employee retirement contributions and a few other shifts, the finance department now predicts a $2.12 million deficit.

Oh yeah, and one more change, too. While the city began the 2007-08 fiscal year with a balanced budget, the deficit is now predicted to be in the $4 million range.

More to come after tonight’s meeting.

  • Taxpayer

    Lets ask Solid and Touhey why we are in a deficit

  • Anonymous

    I think you are being very unfair to Mr. Solis

  • Solis and Touhey will tell you it’s because of the rotten economy. If you ask Herfert, it’s because police and fire are millionaires (according to him), and if you ask Sanderson and Lane, they’ll say, “Ask Mike and Steve,” and if you ask Hernandez, he’ll probably just keep talking til you’re sorry you asked the question. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are Compulsive Talkers.

  • Covina Resident

    Herfert is an idiot if you ask me and Sanderson and Lane. Well, no comment.

  • Taxpayer

    Are they telling us the truth about the deficit.

  • Resident

    B.S. thats all i have to say

  • West Covina

    Have Touhey call in the Charles Company to help out West Covina. They owe him big time.

  • West Covina Watch

    I heard the Charles Company has some great projects. I can’t see why everyone is piling on them.

  • WC Resident

    B.S. the charle’s company are a bunch crooks plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with WC Resident CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS