Del Terra speaks out

A post I put up earlier about a “mysterious deal” in La Puente has sure hit a nerve with people.

Well, here are a few updates:

First of all, the story has been moved to run on Sunday.

Second of all, I spoke with Luis Rojas, CEO of Del Terra, on Tuesday and he had some interesting things to say about this deal.

Rojas told me Alliance Services Group is not a subsidy of Del Terra (even though a secretary who answered del Terra’s office line last week told me it was). Rojas said Alliance is owned by Virginia Campos, Rojas’ sister and partner at Del Terra. Still, Rojas was the negotiator on the deal between Alliance and Charles Co. owner Arman Gabay.

Interestingly, Rojas said Gabay approached them about getting assistance to seal a deal with La Puente, but around April the negotiations fell through.

Gabay sure made it sound like a different story at last week’s council meeting. Of course, he ain’t talking anymore cause of “potential litigation.”

Rojas said he knew nothing about the rumors or anything else.

He called it a “regular business transaction that never came to fruition.”