‘Distraction from the truth’

Foothill Cities Blog calls last night’s presentation by the Monrovia Police Department to the City Council as nothing more than a dog and pony show. Among the statements made on the blog:

– Interestingly, (Chief Roger Johnson) added that “headlines are a distraction from the truth” and that a ‘focus on headlines’ creates mediocrity, distrust and poor morale. Having met with numerous MPD officers in recent weeks, I’d have to say the department already has the last two, and is in danger of achieving the first.

  • Robert C. J. Parry

    I don’t think “nothing more than a dog and pony show” accurately captures my description of the presentation. I didn’t dismiss it as “nothing more than” because that was all it was meant to be, from the outset.

    I think the real news is, as dog and pony shows go, this one was kind of a yawner. There was nothing dramatic, no jumping through hoops, no bold proclamations, no real excitement. It was kind of blah.

    In the end, I think most of the police managers who were ordered to attend in uniform were left feeling “what was the point of that waste hour of my life?” There was no reason for them to be there. They illustrated nothing and were evidence of nothing other than… the police department has managers.

    Why sergeants were called in on overtime for that, we may never know. I suppose that could be news in and of itself.

  • AP

    Maybe this guy is trying to do a weak Colbert impression?

    P.S. Wanna go to dinner, Jennifer? I’ll take you to Wendy’s.

  • Anonymous

    truthiness…there’s alot of it here.