Pico mayor comes clean

You might remember this Airan Scruby story from a few weeks back…

A unidentified person was detained at Mayor Ron Beilke’s home Wed- nesday as part of an auto theft investigation, authorities said.

Sheriff’s Pico Rivera Station deputies said their investigation led them to several locations in the city, including the mayor’s house on Aero Drive. It resulted in the arrest of seven adults – five males and two females – and the detainment of one juvenile.

“There was one person detained from there,” Sgt. Mark Bailey said of Beilke’s residence.

He would not provide the detainee’s name or any other information.

Well, we’re now being told Pico Rivera Mayor Ron Beilke is confirming that his son was indeed the person detained and questioned by police.

More to follow in Friday’s Whittier Daily News.


  • AP

    Somebody stole a car in Pico Rivera?

    I’m shocked.

    Next thing you’ll tell us is that Al-Qaeda did 9/11.