Gas prices are up, and so is Metrolink ridership

Yesterday was Dump the Pump Day, and Los Angeles commuters were encouraged to take public transportation over their cars. The Los Angeles Times reported that this week, Metrolink ridership hit an all-time high.

Metrolink recorded its highest number of riders for a single day.
More than 50,000 people boarded its trains Tuesday.
By Joanna Lin and Francisco Vara-Orta, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
June 20, 2008

Commuter rail ridership broke an all-time record this week, and Caltrans reported a dip in freeway traffic as commuters across California struggled with record gasoline prices.

Metrolink recorded its highest number of riders in a single day Tuesday — 50,232 — a 15.6% increase over the volume on the Tuesday of the same week last year. Metro Rail ridership has also risen, shooting up 6% last month over May 2007, with the downtown L.A.-to-Pasadena Gold Line setting an all-time ridership record, said Dave Sotero, a Metro spokesman.

  • Anonymous

    i do not know how to feel about gas prices. they are no fun but i also noticed we as a country have never had a more serious discussion about engergy efficiency and the use public transit than we are having now. strange. still i like you mass transit coverage. this is going to become a more pressing issue for this region especially in the immediate future.

  • Gas Consumer

    hopefully the gas crisis does not become an excuse for oil drilling off the california coast as I worry it might.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto on that.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone want to bet gas prices will go over 5 dollars this summer.

  • Metrolink Rider

    i made the switch and I couldn’t be happier

  • Anonymous

    Wait, no posts or innuendo that the rise in gas prices is some vast left wing conspiracy to get ridership up on metrolink?

  • The Left Wing

    FOILED AGAIN. Curse you Anonymous. I would gotten away with it to if hadn’t been for YOU and those meddling Leftover Losers. MMWWWAAH HAA HAA HAA!!!!