Sushi anyone?

I was reading through the notices “of intention to circulate recall petition” against Baldwin Park City Council members Anthony Bejarano, Marlen Garcia and Monica Garcia last night.

First of all, sorry for not providing them on the Web site…. we’ll be getting thatt up online today.

Second of all, the paperwork is pretty entertaining! Among the list of grievances listed as the grounds for the recall for each member are the following:

“Anthony Bejarano is more concerned about eating sushi at restaurants than taking care of the City and he problems of day laborers and public safety.”

“Marlen Garcia has told people at City Council meetings that Baldwin Park Police are greedy, and if the citizens of Baldwin Park do not like her views to move to Tijuana.

“Monica Garcia fails to speak for herself at council meetings and is only a puppet of the mayor.”

Wow….fighting words My favorite is the sushi comment.