Food for thought

I just saw this post from Jennifer McLain. And judging from all your comments, you guys are interested. So here are some facts to chew on:

Campaign contributions from Charles Co. Owner Arman Gabay for the last two years:

6/21/2007: Ernest Gutierrez $1,000 (El Monte)
10/26/2005: Ernest Gutierrez $1,000

9/18/2007: Juventino “J” Gomez $1,000 (El Monte)
11/01/2005: Juventino “J” Gomez $1,000

10/30/2007: John Solis $2,500 (La Puente)
11/17/2005: John Solis $2,000

6/7/2007: Louie Lujan $1,000 (La Puente)
7/2/2007: Louie Lujan $1,00

3/30/2007: Sherri Lane $999 (West Covina)
10/5/2005: Sherri Lane $200

1/8/2007: Steve Herfert $1,000 (West Covina)
7/25/2007: Steve Herfert $500
12/29/2005: Steve Herfert $1,000

11/2/2005: Marlen Garcia $2,500 (Baldwin Park)

11/2/2005: Manuel Lozano $2,500 (Baldwin Park)

11/2/2005: Anthony Bejarano $2,500 (Baldwin Park)

10/19/2007: Norma Lopez Reid $1,500 (Montebello)
7/13/2006: Norma Lopez Reid $1,250

  • LP Warrior

    What is with this sudden fascination with Charles Co? Why is anyone even suprised. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with politics know that developers contribute to political campaigns. You can run the same report for Bisno, Majestic, or any number of companies doing business in the SGV. And the whole story about the consultants? SNOOZE.

  • Summer Time

    Always contributions to politicians and never to us, students… the future.

  • this is news?

    Should the ties between oil companies and Pres. Bush’s administration be news to us too?
    And the donors to the Obama and McCain campaigns really expect nothing in return, right?
    This is pretty weak reporting. I’ll echo the LP Warrior: SNOOZE.

  • E.R. Murrow

    Exactly what sort of conclusion are you hoping we will draw? Ditto on the previous comment. You are kind of lame as a “reporter.”

    I would be curious to know if the contributions affected their voting on projects that came in front of them AND whether their vote was any different from the votes of those who I guess you are implying did not get money from them. Oh but that would require YOU to do REAL investigative work. Better to just get youR leads from the TV in the newsroom, anonymous posts on the internet and who knows what else ….wikipedia?

    Edward R. Murrow would be proud.

  • Anon

    I sometimes wonder why Jennifer and Tania even bother to post on this thing…other than I’m assuming its part of their job. Tania simply stated that she thought based on the comments that this info would be interesting. Is it great Earth shattering news? No. I live in West Covina and I know that Steve and Sherri and rest of the gang get their money from developers. But its still interesting to see how much, when, etc. Some people need to lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    What other neighboring city council members have benefited from the Charles Company?

  • Anonymous

    The curious thing is that if you look at the prior post that she is referring to in this post, THERE ARE NO COMMENTS CLAMORING FOR THESE DETAILS. Can you say “HIDDEN AGENDA” boys and girls. In fairness may she should post every campaign contribution received by every elected in her coverage area rather than singling out certain elected whom she presumably views as “political undesirables.” That would ….what’s that word called….FAIR!!!!

  • Juan

    This makes my point: that contractors give money to politicians simply as a part of their doing business. Case in point: The Charles Co. gave money to John Solis and Louie Lujan in La Puente. Solis has been tagged as being the Charles Co. front man and Lujan has been tagged as the guy wanting to dump the Charles Co. They are both politicians, they both took the Charles Co. money, yet the results, at least for the Charles Co., was quite different. Is the sin in the giving the money, taking the money, or in what you do for the money after the fact? That’s called spreading the money around, like bait, in hopes of catching a fish.

  • Anonymous

    Any time the leftover ladies say “food for thought” they mean here is some baseless information add an elected person and draw up a groundless conclusion. The best part is when others (readers) accept the weak, groundless conclusion and comment on it (negatively of course), that is when the the leftover ladies go back and write a story in the paper that “so and so has raised some eyebrows”. Great formula for creating controversy.

  • Ray

    I agree that this is all a lot of BS. As useless as this info without proof of wrongdoing may be, at least if we got the full picture for once we could try and find meaning in these contributions. Who got money from Del Terra is the next logical question for La Puente residents.

  • Anonymous

    So defensive. Why does it bother so many people that these reporters are disclosing factual information? Are you the next developers or politicians that have yet to be exposed?
    Don’t come on the blog, if you think all of this is useless. Maybe it is all helpful to someone else who is interested in following the money but doesn’t have the time to do it themselves.
    Not surprised by most of them. I know I shouldn’t be, but I was surprised about J Gomez.
    I didn’t know about the people from West Covina. Is Herfert the one that was fighting with that Hernandez guy?
    Keep up the good work and report more useless info.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Anonymous, I disagree:

    What is posted on this website matters if the “factual” information is about you or someone your respect AND is simply not “factual”, not verified, or taken out of context. Why is that so difficult for YOU to understand. Can I simply declare you a pedophile; I’m sure many people would be interested to know that but is there any basis for me calling you that? Shouldn’t these reporters verify such allegations and statements before printing them as “fact.” If I said you were convicted a INFRACTION in court that would be true; but would you feel it was fair if the INFRACTION was for parking (Context). I think that added fact would make a huge difference for you.

  • anna from e m

    seems like the el monte mayor and city council got jipped. they should of held out for more mula, dinero, black gold texas tea…charles co did some major developements in their city….two or three at the moast…

  • More food for thought!

    Wrong. West Covina really got jipped. Charles Company also did some projects in their city. La Puente has none so far. So why the big campaign contributions? Were promises made before it even came to the mayor and city council?

  • Desperate Father of Five

    Hey people. I promise to let you use by big back yard for what ever you want. I won’t be as greedy as El Monte, West Covina or La Puente. I just want money to buy food for my kids and gas money to get to work. Really. Make me an offer.

  • Anonymous Said

    La Puente does have a charles co. project the Southwest corner of amar and sunset where the former 76 station use to be wireless toyz and 7 eleven now. El Monte does a charles co. project the smart & final center valley and ramona and he is finishing the wells fargo, Walgreens center ramona and peck road. Baldwin Park does have a charles co project the Smart & Final, CVS Drugs, IHOP,Kinko’s,Starbucks at Baldwin Park Blvd. and Francisquito and the WSS Shoe store project at Ramona and Baldwin Park Blvd. West Covina does a have charles co. project the southeast corner of azusa and amar Island’s Market,Shakey’s, Subway, Bank of America and Jack in the Box.

  • El Monte Resident

    I followed your link to the Charles Co. ( None of the links on their website seem to be working for me. Don’t they want us to know about their organization, or what projects they have done?


    THe South El Monte Council has a agenda item on for the Charles Company. What sweet heart deals were made there and with which elected officials. What were the votes on that agenda item. Was it the two younger males who brought it to the table? Me. Delgadillo and Mr. Ageenalga the councilmen? How can we find out?