Balloon popper

What are our local legislators doing? Well, Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, has a bill targeting copper thieves, and Altadena Sen. Jack Scott is targeting balloons. No, really.

Assembly committee grounds balloon ban
By Jim Sanders –

California’s helium balloon bill was grounded Tuesday – but not popped.

The legislation to ban the sale and distribution of metallic balloons narrowly was rejected by the Assembly Business and Professions Committee.

Needing six votes to pass, Senate Bill 1499 fell one vote shy, 5-2, with three members opting not to record a vote.

Sen. Jack Scott, an Altadena Democrat who proposed the bill, requested reconsideration and the committee will vote again Thursday.

Scott’s bill targets the millions of foil helium balloons used to celebrate birthdays, parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate gatherings and dozens of other events.

A ban is necessary because the high-flying party accessories, commonly called Mylar balloons, cause needless and costly power outages by getting loose and flying into power lines, Scott said. Read more.

  • Anonymous

    Great Scott! Californians are losing their jobs & homes, and this guy is worrying about balloons. sssgh.

  • Anonymous

    Drat! Foiled, again!

  • Anonymous

    …and I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.

  • Anonymous

    This might actually be good legislation. The balloons can do alot of damage.

  • The Clown Master

    My plan to control the balloon market is succeeding as planned. Soon I can call the president and demand…………………..ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!