Corona a no-show


So last night was the Baldwin Park Unified School District meeting and board member Sergio Corona didn’t show up.

Superintendent Mark Skvarna said Corona called him last week to tell him that the wouldn’t be able to make it. Corona didn’t give a reason and Skvarna didn’t ask.

I’m sure you all remember the “shirtless and sweaty” incident from several weeks back in which Corona was Tased by police after allegedly breaking some windows at a home. According to a police report, Corona admitted to police he had smoke marijuana and meth earlier that night.

Corona has denied those claims in another publication. He won’t return my calls seeking comment.

Baldwin Park police Lt. Joseph Cowan told me today that the PD has received the results of Corona’s toxicology report, but he wouldn’t comment on it.

The case is expected to be referred to the DA this afternoon.

  • Anonymous

    shirtless and sweaty.

  • Anonymous

    shortless and sooty

  • Anonymous

    shoeless and sudsy