Budget talks coming in El Monte

El Monte will have its council meeting on July 1, where they are expected to talk about the Ernie Gutierrez issue.

And on Wednesday, the council will have a budget workshop at 5:30 p.m. The budget has not yet been released, but the city is likely facing a deficit if it is considering laying off people as a means to balance the budget. The Council will hash that out at the Wednesday workshop.

El Monte City Spokesman Matt Weintraub said the budget document will not be ready until after the weekend.

  • The Taxpayer

    Would love to sit in on that workshop…..for real

  • El Monte Resident

    So do it….the agenda is on the city website. It is a public meeting.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Taxpayer:

    El Monte Resident is right. Go to the budget meeting. So often I hear people complain about how the city’s money gets spent. Well, here is your chance to voice your opinion on what the cities spending priorities should be. I do hope you will come. Anyone can complain about how bad things are. Leaders and active citizens don’t sit around and play monday morning quaterback. They involve themselves in the process of setting priorties. Hope to see you there. I know I’ll be there.

    P.S. Please don’t respond with another cynical comment about how going to the meeting won’t matter because everyone is a “crook.” THAT IS A LAME, COP-OUT ANSWER. If you think you have good ideas about the budget (and I have no reason to think you don’t) then you should come and tell the city about them. God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    More than likely El Monte will be in the hole for about $5 million dollars. A straight 5% or more cut in salaries could help the situation. Especially for department heads, the city attorney and city manager. They are the ones that can live within this cut.

    As far as the report regarding Gutierrez it will more than likely play out as a big zero. Gutierrez looks like he could care less. As does Gomez, Barrios and Ishigaki. The only councilmember to address this issue was Wallach. That took alot of courage and back bone. If there were nothing to hide the city manager,Mussenden and City Attorney,Moseley wouldn’t of made such a big production out of it. It has been that ovious. Too bad for the residents who trusted these four.

  • El Monte Resident

    Dear Anonymous aka Pat & Ed Wallach: The name “Pat Wallach” and the word “courage” DO NOT go together. Spreading gossip is not courage. Accusing other council members and city employees of “covering things up” because you are not happy with the report is NOT COURAGE.

    REAL COURAGE IS…Art Barrios stating that the most important thing for the city right now is to come up with solutions to the cities budget problems.

    REAL COURAGE IS…Coming up with ideas to solve the cities budget problems; not blaming a list of fictional “political enemies.”

    REAL COURAGE IS…Owning up to the fact that you have voted for many of the policies that you now blame your fellow councilmembers for. You sure gave your trash buddies their monies worth for their kick-backs to your campaign.

    QUEEN PAT’S REIGN as Mayor was no “golden age”. Many of the problems the city has to deal with now started when she was mayor. Going to County fire which is now extorting the city for more money is just one example.


  • Joe Citizen

    To The Taxpayer,

    Since so few residents have the guts to actually go to budget meetings, the end result is that those voices (as long as they are legit and not all gadfly-like) give a much greater impact.

  • I live in El Monte

    To El Monte Resident:
    Are you Art’s wife???? I voted for Art in the past, and probably will again, but I sure would like to hear him get more vocal when Ernie, Emily and “J” spend our tax dollars on celebrations, parties, and special projects to the sacrifice of essential services.

  • El Monte Voter

    Mrs. Barrios the fact that someone did something is all that matters. Even you can’t change that,lady. We don’t need nor wish to read any of your mud slinging. Leave it to the pros, it only makes Art look bad. All the negativety does not center around one person. You know better then that. Never the less Pat Wallach is “NO RUBBER STAMP” like the rest who are owned by the El Monte Police.
    Extorting. The only real extorting has been done by the El Monte Police. We all know that for a fact. Barrios was a big supporter of over spending and retirement golden packages for Clayton and now Weldon.
    He started off ok. But like the rest, in the end, sold out. Not surprizing one bit. He is just like Ernie and Emily. Same spineless jelly fish, who get their marching orders, like the rest.

  • El Monte Resident – Responds

    Dear El Monte Voter and Dear I live in El MOnte:

    FIRST, I am not Mr. Barrio’s wife. It is interesting though how you, Pat Wallach, Ed Wallach and all her other toothless and brainless cronies have no shame about attacking someone’s innocent wife and family just to score some cheap points. You really are a fine bunch of Grade A scumbags the whole lot of you. Watch out everyone, don’t ever disagree on anything with QUEEN PAT or her husband the AMAZING TALKING HORSE’S ASS: MR. ED. If you do you will end up on their constantly growing “enemies list.”

    You are right, you all are the masters of mudslinging. The problem is that is all you and HER ROYAL FATNESS QUEEN PAT know how to do. As for RUBBER STAMPS, Pat never saw a smutty hotel owner who she was not falling over herself to help and like I said before Pat also made real sure her trash collector buddies got a nice sweet deal. What a hypocrite you are QUEEN PAT.

    Finally, learn how to spell you witless wonders. One of you was an a school board for christ sake.

  • El Monte Resident

    In hate to differ with you sir or madame. I am a resident and a small business owner in El Monte. I have never been so isulted in my life’ Oviously you are a person with little or no schoolong what ss ever. Your choice of nasty words proves that. You must be a supporter, family or friend of Barrios. That is with out question.

    Remember it takes five votes to get things done in this city from hell. But you know that all to well. Don’t bother to blame Wallach she still has one vote,just like the rest,you fool. We have several trash companies. If you check their campaign filings your buddies, Barrios, Gomez, Ishigaki and Gutterez, recieved the most. They also voted in these three trash companies. Do your homework before you start shooting off your blog. Maybe people will find you credible instead of a blow hard know nothing!

  • Former EM Council Meeting Attendee

    It is a bad time to lay off anyone due to mismanagement and over spending in El Monte. All employees should consider taking a cut in pay without a COLA. Those thar are making top salary should help out those on the bottom.

    Emily should have her daughter resign all together. That really leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those that will be unemployed soon. One would think that as an elected official Emily would know better. I guess not. She reminds me of a self centered egotistic, insecure nut. She always wears the same clothes,usually black. If you go near her she smells like urine or poop. She needs to take a bath or change her clothes, or underwear. NASTY. Her laugh is annoying as is her voice. She goes on and on and on. She needs to have a timer used on her. I shrill when she talks at all.

    Furthermore, Ernie Gutierrez is even more so annoying. He sounds like a gangster from the old neighborhood in ELA. He even acts and walks like one. I guess old habits are hard to break. You can’t take the hood out of Gutierrez. Now you see why I don’t attend the city council meetinga anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I must agree with you on Councilwoman Ishigaki’s daughter being employed by the city. We are not allowed to have relative employed by our business.
    It is bad for moral and the other workers. The councilwoman should and needs to abstain when it comes to voting on pay hikes regarding the department her daughter works in. The city attorney needs to advize her. She should already know what needs to be done.

  • The Taxpayer

    I will be at those budget meetings and that work shop comming up. Get rid of Ernie he’s a snake big time


    Mayor Ernie Gutierrez is at the root of the entire budget crisis. Eliminate him and everything negative on the budget for 08-09 will be resolved. The city will begin to heal itself. Especially the city council.
    This guy is just bad for this nice community. We deserve better.

  • El Monte Neighborhood

    Why would Mayor Gutierrez continue in a city that no longer trusts him and doesn’t respect him at all. He needs to move on to somewhere else. It is time for him to retire. We need to get some younger people into our city council. This mayor is not that wise at all. He looks lost most of the time. Councilwoman Ishigaki is another big joke. Just watch her on the web page televized meetings. This woman is clearly not educated at all. She too gives our city a bad image. Councilmembers Barrios, Gomez and Wallach can hold their own. They do ask questions. The other two could care less about the cities defecit of $5 million. They don’t understand “stay within your budget” and “if you don’t have it you don’t spend it”. They have that glazed over look in their beedie little eyes. The kind you don’t trust or have faith in at all.
    Who let the dummies out?

  • Another Resident

    The city is broke. Services must be cut. Pink slips may be handed out. So how come the broke city sent out a 24 page brochure from parks & recreation? How much did that cost? The brochure is advertising “Rockin Wednesdays” in the park. I see that they got corporate sponsorship, but will that cover everything? If the mayor and his cronies will be attending, you know we will need the police around. How much is that going cost? I understand this is all nice to have, but only when we can afford it.

  • Fed Up Resident

    This is b.s. How can they justify spending any money at all. Staff still has to set up, take down, and clean up the mess left by the people at the concerts. One of many to come. Yet the spending goes on and on. Why you ask??? Someone has to make sure that Emily’s daughter has her spending money for her big wedding. Remember who do you thinks sets these events up.
    Mommy Emily Dearest’s Little Girl. She works for Parks ans Recreation. She is engaged to a El Monte Police Officer. Nothing but the best for her daughter and her son in law to be. Are there any other high school kids or college kids who may need a summer job? Good luck.
    That is why the summer concerts are still going on, no matter what. Who cares if the city is in the red. Think about it. “It ain’t over till the fat lady (Emily) sings.” “Let them eat bread.” See if you can grab it out of Emilys’ hands!




    If you and the others who continuously post on this site are sincere that you want “put aside differences” may suggest that you all stop with all the ridiculous name calling and petty gossip mongering. I have no reason to doubt that you love your city. that is a good thing. but I see so much engergy and emotion wasted on this website on attacking each (from all sides). Let’s shoe these shlubs at the Tribune that we can all come together and do right by our town. Let’s stop giving these people fodder for putting down our city more. As Lincoln once said let’s try to appeal “to our better angels.” Go in peace.

  • Anonymous

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the investiagtion on Mayor Gutierrez will have no content what’s so ever. I am sure to bet that the questiona asked were carefully selected and planned out by the city Manager Mussenden and city attorney Moseley. They will do what it takes to cover uo and protet Mayor Gutierrez. Just the mere mention of that man and name turns my stomach What a jerk.
    Looking at the city with a huge deficet, I can’t wait to see what the three amigos and Gutierrez will try to do to fix it. Cut loose Gutierrez and Ishigaki. That will surely save the city some big bucks and embaressment. TWO DUMB JOKERS AT CITY HALL. GASP!!!

  • Anonymous

    uo? protet? deficet? GASP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see what the infamous investigatio on Mayor Ernie Gutierrez turns up. He has been calling evey person he knows to speak well of him. What a joke this mayor has really become pathetic. He is so desperate and scared for his seat. He needs to get out. Take Emily with you on the way out of city hall.

  • Familia Moreno El Monte

    To night the ax will fall on budgets, hopefully not employees. Let’s hope for a miracle. Mrs Wllach do your best. We have trust in you, no matter what.