More Corona news

I posted this on our Web site a little but earliler…..

BALDWIN PARK — The district attorney’s office has rejected the initial case against school board member Sergio Corona, officials said.

Police say they intend to follow-up of the results of a toxicology report before resubmitting the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Baldwin Park police Lt. Jospeh Cowan said.

The case stems from a May 22 arrest in which Corona was Tased by police after allegedly breaking the windows of a home. According to a police report, Corona admitted to having smoked methamphetamine and marijuana earlier in the night.

Cowan would not divulge the details of the toxicology report or the charges that the police department wanted to file against Corona. He did say, however, that they want to confirm with the laboratory “the presence and quantitatve analysis of certain controlled substances.”

Cowan said he expected to re-file the case with the district attorney next week.

I tried getting Corona’s mug shot from Baldwin Park PD but Cowan told me they weren’t going to release it yet. Then I tried to get it out of the Sheriff’s Department.

They called Cowan for permission….so it looks like we won’t have access to that mug untll after sentencing, if the case even gets that far.

Cowan’s orders.

  • What a Shame

    What relevance does his mug shot have to the coverage of this story. No one disputes he was arrested and taken into custody – not even Corona. This is just another example of your shameless (and I mean truly shameless)desire to pander to lurid curiousity. You are a real joke. Why not get a photo of him taking a dump while you’re at it. I’m sure that has some gawk value as well. I’m also sure the advertisers who pay for all the annoying pop-up adds on your website would love it. I suggest you apply for a job with Star Magazine and leave real journalism to journalists with integrity and brains.

  • Curious

    What a shame: if you find this blog to be offensive and purely speculative, why are you reading the entries?

  • Hey Curious

    Dear Curious

    The content of this blog is alarming because it appears to be what passes for serious political conversation these days and because outrageous and frequently unverified “FACTS??” about peoples lives get posted her with no attempt by the Leftover Lazies to verify the truth of any of thes so-called facts. Yes, I know, these people are all electeds and because of that they don’t deserve any sympathy etc etc etc. That’s just nonesense. What we have here is a collection of people who apparently never developed anything beyoned a high school mindset. Everything is personal; everything is petty. Nobody wants to talk seriously about how can be made to work better for the people they are supposed to serve. Instead, I read lots of bitching and moaning about how awful the world; how awful electeds are (except the one’s I’m personally allied …they never do wrong); NOTHING in they of solutions is every offered. And precious little in the way of honest grown-up discussion.