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Poor Monrovia…..

Monrovia cop sues city
Article Launched: 06/26/2008 12:57:13 PM PDT

MONROVIA – A Monrovia police officer has filed a lawsuit against the city alleging he was harassed and retaliated against for cooperating in a previous racial discrimination case against the Monrovia Police Department.

Matthew Donald Thompson said he provided statements supporting the claims of racial discrimination and harassment filed by Glenn Cobb, a former Monrovia police officer who sued the department in 2006.

Cobb settled with the city, which admitted no liability, in November 2007.

After Thompson submitted a written statement detailing the harassment that Cobb was subjected to, the complaint says, he was himself harassed by the city and the police department.

Thompson says he was unfairly placed on a work contract shortly after his involvement in the Cobb investigation. Later, when he went on medical leave, the complaint alleges he was denied workers compensation benefits and was forced to take unpaid time off.

An amended complaint to Thompson’s lawsuit, originally filed in March, was submitted to the court on Monday.

  • Anonymouse

    What the hell dude? Are all Monrovia cops gay and racist??

  • David Heimark

    “Poor Monrovia” ???

    If the lawsuits against Monrovia prevail, will you then state: “Poor victim of Monrovia”?

    Will you cede that possibly there are administrative personnel and city council members that abide behavior that causes these lawsuits?

    Monrovia is going to be poor from settling cases out of court to avoid bad publicity.

  • Monrovia Born

    As a life-long Monrovia resident I pretty saddened by the state of our police department. I know there are many good cops there but it seems like the show is run by bunch of arrogant knuckle-heads in the MPOA. I am all for cops having a union but you MPOA guys are just too much. Too greedy and to supportive of this kind of behavior. It’s sad.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised that the idea of shifting the city police services over to the County Sheriff does not come up more often. With the Sheriff already providing services to the unincorporated areas and neighboring Duarte, why not?

  • Tom

    Like most agencies, Management employees are not regular members of the MPOA. These latest law suits have nothing to do with the MPOA and negotiations.

  • Anonymous


    You do not think that the union and all the clout it pulls contributes to the sense of we can do whatever we want?


    Again and again and again.

  • Tom

    My personal opinion is that the perceived clout is not with the MPOA, but rather individuals within the Dept. By the City settling law suits on the outset, it gives some of these folks a sense that money is to be had. Each suit is based on its own merit, some obviously have backbone and others don’t…

  • Anonymous

    Tom: I respect everything you say, but I must disagree. I am not against unions or collective representation. That is a great thing. But I do have some experience dealing with police unions and they are very arrogant and demanding and this attitude permeates down to the rank and file. It creates an atmosphere in which no one feels they need to be personally accountable or responsible for anything becuase: “Damn it, I’m a cop and I ‘deserve’ it”. I fully support the hard work they do but there are limits to what the city of monrovia can be expected to pay. And when they use heavy handed tactics like posting billboards. Well, that just seems way over the top. Tom, I think you are a very reasonable person. I just have to disagree.

  • Anonymous

    how can we get more coverage on Monrovia and what is going on there?