• NOOOooooooo!!!!

    Will this nightmare never end?

  • Anonymous

    Their tacos are DEEEEEE-LICIOUS

  • Anonymous

    Get over it! The United States has the safest food supply in the world. Growers from all over the world work diligently to produce safe wholesome fruits and vegetables. It is a shame that one of the healthiest vegetables is getting blackballed for outbreaks of salmonella that could have been introduced at many points along the supply chain. Public hysteria is going to set back the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables where consumers could now choose Donuts for fruit or some highly processed package salad that has little nutritional value for vegetables.

  • The Ketchup King

    Mmmmwwwaahh-haahhhaahhaaa!!!! My plot to take over the tomato market is succeeding as planned. Soon I will control all tomoatos and the leaders of the world will have no choice but to come begging at my door. MMMMWWWAAAH-HHAAA-HAAA-HAAAA!!!!!!

  • TOMATOS!?!?!?!

    exactly how is this news?

  • Anonymous

    What is the latest on the tomatos?