Corona gets dissed

I got this e-mail from a reader about Baldwin Park School Board member Sergio Corona’s most recent absence from a school board meeting…..

It amazes me that the superintendent seemed like it was ok that Mr. Corona had missed two board meetings in a row….

1. The board excused him for his May absence calling it DUE TO ILLNESS. Since when is being arrested and embarrassed to see the public an illness.

2. You should ask for his attendence record at school board meetings from Sept. 2007- June 2008…he would attend one, miss one, attend one, miss one… it was cronic.

3. It amazes me that Mr. Corona thought anyone would take his “rebuttal” to the Tribune articles in the BP Neighborhood News seriously.

  • Message to Tania


    My question is serious and is motivated by a genuine desire to understand you. How do you feel you are serving your readers by airing every lurid little aspect of this guys life on this blog? No only has he not been convicted the DA apparently sees little basis with which to charge him. I think you reporting would benefit from greater analysis of how peoples actions actually impinge on their ability to serve; rather than this sort of lurid factoid vomiting you do day in and day out. You might actually become a better person. Good luck.

  • FREE MOE!!!!

    Who cares about Corona. What is going on with MOE!!!!!
    RUN MOE!!!! RUN!!!!!!

  • us

    I think the ladies of this blog are bringing a sorely lacking, long needed, critical look at the goings ons of those ‘running’ our cities. the crooks amongst them have been getting away with sh*t for far too long. Go get em!

  • Anonymous

    This is just piss poor reporting. I mean, couldnt’ you have at least checked into his attendance records so that we would have a “fact” about his attendance instead of this anonymous email?

  • Response to “us”

    Dear Us:

    The problem with this blog is that it is anything but “critical” or “analytical.” Anyone with an agenda can post any sort of half truth or flat out lie and if the editors of this blog find your comments consistent with the “politically correct” agenda you lie gets examined and reexamined without anything questioning the truth. Read this link on the problem Barrack Obama is facing with charges of being a muslim terrorist and I hope you will understand what I am getting at:

  • Anonymous

    Why do you two not interview the DA and find out why the charges were not pushed. Maybe they had a good reason.

  • BP Resident

    No charges are pushed because Corona has a close relative working for the D.A., I was told he already hired a PR firm to spin his story. He has always wanted to run for Council and eventually the Assembly.

  • Anonymous

    BP Resident:

    1. What is the name of the relative of Corona in the D.A.’s office? (We should probably notify Steve Cooley that this is going)

    2. What is the name of the PR firm hired to spin the story?

    3. What is the name of the person who told you all of this?

    4. Can we get your name since it will be critical to pursing justice?



  • Anonymous

    Who are you talking about?

  • Resident

    To the previous poster, they say homophobia is usally a sign of repressed homosexuality. Sounds like maybe you wish YOU were somebody’s lover.