Fight at Big League Dreams*****UPDATED

I’m looking at several pages of incident reports involving a fight at Big League Dreams.

According to the report, the incident occurred on June 20 at 10:18 p.m. About 15 people were fighting with bats in front of the Diamond Club restaurant in the park.

From the report, it is difficult to say whether the incident resulted in arrests or injuries.
At tonight’s West Covina council meeting, there will be a presentation on statistics relating to Big League Dreams. It is unclear whether that means that will include a presentation by the police department on the number or types of incidents that have occurred.

When I went to Big League Dreams, everyone seemed well behaved. How about you? Have you ever seen any incidents there that required police?

***UPDATE: Cmdr. Mark Taylor of the West Covina Police Department said that there was such a call made, but when police arrived there were two people that were involved in a fist fight, and that no bats were involved. Furthermore, Taylor, along with Councilman Mike Touhey and City Manager Andrew Pasmant all said that misinformation about the incident contributed it to being blown out of proportion. Several residents brought up the incident at Tuesday’s council meeting.

  • Chicken Little

    If there was so much as ONE incident at Big League Dreams, then that is proof positive that it should be shut down, bull-dozed and the people who supported it referred to the District Attorney’s Office for crimes against humanity. No expense should be sparred even if it bankrupts the city because in the end just must be done so that concerned people like me can sleep at night.

  • Anonymous

    Chicken little needs to cut back on the caffeine.

  • us

    I missed my game that night so didn’t see the rumble first hand. But by accounts I’ve received, it was a full fledged scrap with two teams involved. The Police showed up too late and the staff was ill equipped to handle the situation. While we don’t want a heavy police presence at the field (or any at all, to be honest) it would make sense for the field to have something like a roving security staff.