30 minutes makes a difference

I just spotted this on the La Puente Web site:10746-lapuente.jpg

City Hall Hours For Fridays Are Changing!
City Hall hours for alternate Fridays will be changing from 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. to 7:30a.m.-4:30p.m. to accommodate the wishes of our residents. This change will take effect some time next month.

The schedule is basically the same, only the hours are different by 30 miuntes.

Councilman Dan Holloway originally suggested opening City Hall every Friday, but officials say based on a survey and research, residents wanted things this way.

Hey, I say give the people what they want….

  • Anonymous

    have not heard much from LP. anything new going on.

  • LP Warrior

    what’s the latest here?

  • LP Activist

    La Puente is reviewing the proposals on Monday at a Special Meeting. I really hope they dump the Charles Company and start fresh.

    There is a new majority with a new Council. Lets see if the new council lives up to its promise of CHANGE!

    We have been waiting way too long for CHANGE to come. Lets see if all the campaign promises are kept. This is your big chance LP. Don’t disappoint.

  • Anonymous

    what other kinds of projects could we look at as a city.