Special meeting Monday

The City Council will be having a special meeting on Monday to review three proposals from developers who are interested in developing the old La Puente Lanes bowling alley site.

The city has been in talks with the Charles Co. for that site for a while now. But as you might remember, when the Charles Co.’s exclusive negotiating agreement with the city expired in April, the council didn’t renew it.

Instead, a few weeks later, they initiated a 45-day stay on the project to evaluate letters of interest from developers who were previously interested in the site.

Mayor Louie Lujan tells me the city has received three proposals, which they are going to evaluate on Monday.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in council chambers. It’ll be in closed session.

****Also, as a side note, Lujan said it will like take about 60 days or so for the city to close escrow on that $300,000 parcel of land they’re buying back from the Charles Co. as a result of the expired ENA. I wonder if that’s going to put a dent in the city’s balanced budget?

  • LP Warrior

    I wonder if this development will ever come to fruition. How long has LP Lanes been closed now? I hope LP city council doesn’t have another community center fiasco. Let’s see if they actually pick a developer and stick with it, or will the fact that its an election year next year prolong picking a developer…???

  • Anonymous


  • WC Resident

    The Charles Company is trying to get a development deal in Rosemead and in South El Monte and West Covina.

    Due to their controversial dealings no city should deal with them. I hope that the LP City Council chooses a developer that is honest, ethical and does not hire Councilmembers as consultants to get deals.

    The Charles Company appears to be a magnet for trouble and controversy. Why would the Council even deal with them from the beginning?

    I may live in West Covina but I follow the news a lot. My research has shown that the Charles Company hired the following consultants to try to “influence the deal” in LP:

    A guy by the name of David Luciano, Mike Touhey, Sarah Margano and allegedly even attempted to hire an outside consulting firm (Alliance group) to finalize the deal in LP. Why cant they rely on their proposal?

    Why do they need lobbyists?

    Something smells very fishy with the Charles Company.