More chamber drama

Here’s a bit of back story on the chamber articles I’ve been writing out of Baldwin Park…

Before I go on, however, let me just preface this by saying I still have not been able to get a hold of chamber executive director David Luevano, who seems to be in the middle of a lot of this controversy.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, Greg Tuttle — who initiated a recall against three BP council members last month — claims that Luevano told him Councilwoman Marlen Garcia threatened to take Luevano’s job away during an informal meeting a few weeks back.

Garcia denies the claims, and the chamber VP — who was in on that meeting — backed Garcia up.

Now I tried several times last week to speak with Luevano about the claims, but couldn’t get a hold of him.

On Thursday, I called Luevano again. This time, I spoke with him briefly and he told me to call him back. Well, I did, three more times that evening actually, and he did not answer or call me back. His voicemail was full, so I couldn’t leave a message.

Now, moving forward with the back story: Tuttle claims that the reason why Garcia *allegedly* threatened David’s job security is over a recent vote to make local businessman Tony Mena a chairman of the ambassadors for the chamber.

Apparently, this election took place about three weeks ago and essentially pitted Mena against local businessman — and CARA member — Mark Cyr for the position.
When Mena won, Tuttle complained claiming that Mena is not a legitimate businessman in Baldwin Park.

(I should note that there is nothing in the chamber bylaws that requires an elected officer to own a business in the city.)

Tuttle said Luevano agreed this, and refused to allow Mena to take the position.
“He’s just a sham company,” Tuttle said of Mena’s business. “The thing is he’s using the chamber’s reputation to say he is an upstanding businessman in Baldwin Park — doing business in the city for 12 years, a member of the chamber.”

Tuttle claims that Mena is doing contract work and installing low voltage security systems without a valid license.

He also accused Mena of being “Marlen’s go-to boy,” and said that because Luevano agreed that Mena should not get the position in the chamber, Garcia got upset.

Now, Mena refutes all of the claims and said Tuttle has no validity to his arguments.
“Tuttle is the kind of guy, he even said it himself, he’s the lone ranger,” Mena said. “There are issues he just figures he has to concern himself with. He says he’s for the city, but he lives in Pomona. He has a business here, but he lives in Pomona … I’ve been involved with chamber for almost two years. All of a sudden (Tuttle) just pops up giving me the third degree.”

Mena said that he himself does not install security systems. All Mena’s business — Fabian Protection Services — does is find work for contractors who do the hard labor.

Mena said he was formerly running his business out of Bisno Development’s office on Maine Street. He said he was renting some space from the chamber, which was also using Bisno’s office temporarily (the chamber sold its building months ago).

When the chamber moved out, Mena stayed rent-free.

Mena has since resolved the issues with his city business license and now works out of his Baldwin Park home.

“I’m for the development,” Mena said. “There are certain people that are not too happy that I’m up there speaking … I am going to be the chairman, but they’re not happy about that. I think they just want to take over the chamber.”

Interesting comment.

At the last council meeting, Garcia made a similar comment: “I hope there is no agenda by any particular group coming into the chamber and taking over the chamber and making it something different.”

Chamber officials say they are going to be resolving the whole chairman issue involving Mena sometime this month.

In the meantime, Tuttle said he’s turned Mena into the state.

  • Anonymous

    If they are denying it that MUST mean their lying and covering up the truth. Anybody who denys something must be lying. Anybody who doesn’t talk must be guilty. Yaaaa!!! I’m morrally superior to everyone. Haaaa!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who are you writing this “news” for? It sounds like a bunch of useless minutia.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up. these are important earth shaking revelations that are being covered up by the politicians who control everying.

  • BP Resident

    i would just like to see this whole thing get taken care off once and for all.

  • Anonymous

    Let me see if I understand this. This entry on more “chamber drama” is based entirely upon the unfounded allegations of this guy tuttle, a guy whose story is directly contradicted by someone who was in the room during the conversation. Most of his allegations are his idea of what Garcia’s motives are, and again are unfounded.

    And how does Mr. Tuttle know Ms. Garcia’s motives, her inner most thoughts, her emotional status?

    I like how “allegedly” is in quotes in this story.

    This stuff is starting to sound more like “fast times at baldwin park high.”

    At this rate are we going to have reporter’s following politicians and taking pictures of them as they leave local watering holes, ala TMZ, with crazy captions under them? “Councilman X leaves West Covina hotspot Crazy Horse with unidentified blonde who is “allegedly” tied to a local developer. Local business man Greg Tuttle sumises that Councilman X is with the blonde because he’s upset over the campaign contribution from developer to his political rival, Councilwoman Y.”

  • Interested Resident

    Interesting note to this (minutia)new word for me. The B.P. Chamber Board members decided the vote was valid in the Chairman of Ambassadors election. They offially accepted Businessman Tony Mena as the new Chairman. Good Luck and God’s Speed.

  • Interested Resident

    offially is officially, i hope i spelled it right this time. Again, Good Luck, God’s Speed and get on with it!

  • Tony Mena

    I have lived here in Baldwin Park with my family going on 11 years. I am a Father of (2)My Son(18)and My Daughter(12)And they make me proud. My Wife is a good woman going on 20 years married. We all feel good about living here in Baldwin Park. I want to stay here. I am a proud member of The Chamber of Commerce. I Totally support our Chamber. The Chamber’s Mission “is to foster the economic prosperity of the community.”… A good Chamber helps take us there. We as a community want and need a strong Chamber. The true life blood of the Chamber is it’s members. I would like to invite you, all residents and businesses to see what the Chamber has to offer and become a part of our new growth. We have more Ambassadors now to go out into the business community. The Ambassadors are the backbone. We are soldiers that can and do make it happen. Lets go forward.

  • chamber member

    To clear up the facts tony mena was not accepted as a business chamber member but as a resident only member and he can’t solict his business any anyway thru the chamber as per the directors determination of the facts presented to them in the last meeting.

  • Tony Mena

    I am a Business member of the Chamber. All one has to do is call the Chamber and ask.