El Monte to vote on budget Tuesday

Tomorrow is the budget meeting out of El Monte. It starts at 5:30 p.m., and the City Council is expected to adopt the 2008-09 fiscal year budget. It is the only item on the agenda.

The city is facing a deficit, and residents can express their concerns, ideas or thoughts about the budget proposal. At the last meeting, many of the people in attendance were El Monte employees and there were few residents. To take a look at the proposed budget, go here.

  • El Monte Resident

    Let’s see who will make wise decisions on the city budget. My bet is on Wallach. Gutierrez, Ishigaki, Gomez and Barrios will continue to support the El Monte PD and it’s rank and file. I’m sure Mussenden and Moseley will get their big chunks of money. They all could care less about the employees and the city they represent.

  • The Taxpayer

    What about that trip to Rancho Bernardo who’s tab that’s going on. Get the L.A.C.S. Dept in there that will take care of the Mayor and the 3 A kissers just a thought. mmmmm

  • Anonymous

    I agree that perhaps now is not the time to be going conferences, but the notion that your elected officials or staff should NEEEEEVEEER go to conference is just plain silly. Assuming people go to the classes they are supposed to or meet with people who could bring business or resources to the city, that is fine. And if a few thousand in conference fees translates in millions in investment or answers to quesitons that could save a city millions, I’d say that is a good investment. YES, I get it, right now this looks bad but if you saying NEVER go to conference well then your just being silly.

  • Resident

    Did someone say they should “never” go to conferences? I haven’t read that. But I must say, for all the conferences they have attended in the past, we sure haven’t gotten much new business in our city. I don’t think the mayor should ever be allowed to attend a conference, unless someone goes with him and keeps him on a leash with a muzzle.

  • El Monte Resident

    Correction never is a bit too extreem. IThe point I wanted to make was for them not to go at all while this crisis is taking place. Remember there is NO MONEY. Would you go on a vacation if there is NO MONEY??? I know I couldn’t do that at all. My rubber checks and credit cards would not be accepted.

    Once they pass the budget then and only then, they should decide what they will do or not. Will they continue to attend even if the city continues with a deficit? Or will they be embaressed enough not to repeat this. My guess is that they won’t care one bit.

    As far as attending these meetings or conferences,are we sure that they even attend? Or do they hang out at the bar at poolside, dine out around town and travel all day, and simply make these meetings into a mini vacation paid by us? They sure do take advantage of the positions and title they hold. ONLY IN EL MONTE!

  • Anonymous

    well whether they go or not is a fair question to ask but to say that your officials or staff should not go to conferences, trainings or business expos would be short changing the city. Sort of cutting of your nose to spite yourself. by law those who attend conferences are required to report on what they got out of the conference. Maybe this is the way to insure that we are getting our monies worth. As for calling it a vacation – that may be a bit unfair. yes, some of the locations are “nice” but that fact alone shouldn’t be the reason for saying YOU CAN’T GO. beside EVERY city budgets conferences as an essential part of business. instead of making overheated pronouncements about these type of things why don’t we simply say that if you go you need to report back to us (the people) what it is you did, what you attended and what you brought back to benefit the city. That would be reasonable. I hope you agree.

  • El Monte Resident

    Budget Crisis?
    2 employees are going to retire soon with 105% of their
    salaries and more coming. Also we have a couple more already making close to 120%…Whos fault is it? The answer is up to the Council members..

  • El Monte Resident

    Conferences and meetings are essential I agree.
    BUT attending them when there is no money is another question all together. It is a slap in the face of those that are about to get their hours cut or get laid off.

  • Anonymous

    Resident: I agree in tough times we need to prioritize. Out-of-town conferences (unless really important) should be passed up on or should be paid for out-of-pocket by the attendee. Still, i don’t agree that we should close this option entirely; we should just hold those who go more accountable and should avoid paying for extras/perks. I propose that the city (when justified) pay for conference registration but leave transportation and accomodations to the attendee. Under the circumstances that seems fair. Besides, the total budget for this type of stuff is about $44,000 – that’s really just about one job. Let’s cut that budget to say $15,000 for the five to share as a travel budget and say no out-of-town travel unless its really important and then only if you agree to pay to get yourself there and stay there. That seems fair to me without causing the city to become a hermit-city with no contact with the larger California city community or the California business community.

  • El Monte Tax Payer

    I like your idead. Putting a cap at $5000 semms reasonable. They can take turns at going to meetings. Surely don’t all have to go. The city manager does not need to ga at all. Too much work at city hall. Like try to make sur that there is money to go on this trips in the first place. Make sur that there is enough money to buy Mussenden a calculator, pad and two pencils.