And in Rosemead…

The bulk of the meeting tonight was consumed by a discussion about the Rosemead Park Trail enhancement, which would have added a half-mile, cement sidewalk through the park. Councilwoman Margaret Clark sent out another round of mailers to hundreds of neighbors in the area about the proposal — which she was against. There were about 15 people that spoke against the idea of the jogging trail, exercise equipment and tai chi and volleyball pads.

People were concerned about everything from sweaty joggers stopping by near picinic tables where people are eating, to what a bad idea it is to add even more cement to a city that has so few parks, to why in the world there needs to be a cement jogging trail in the park when the track at the local high school is used more by joggers.

But the biggest issue was about the cost, which was esimated to be just under $500,000. And the construction management firm is none other than Del Terra.

In the end, and much to the surprise of Mayor John Tran, the council unanimously agreed: Reject all bids.

  • You can’t argue against self-interest, and I think it’s safe to say that none of the opponents of the jogging trail are, themselves, joggers. But how hypocritical is it that the same folks worried about losing a ribbon of grass in Rosemead Park had no problem with paving over 23 acres of open space in the southern part of the city? How many of them were posing for pictures in front of the earth movers and couldn’t wait for that store to open? How many people who worry about the increased traffic from additional joggers coming to the park had no problem with bringing over 1,000 cars an hour to that 23 acres of former open space at Rush and Walnut Grove?

    In contrast to some of the manufactured outrage put on display by many in attendance, some of the speakers were reasoned and aimed to improve the project. I agree with them that replacing the concrete with a synthetic, recycled surface would be an improvement. It’ll make the trail more attractive to joggers and less attractive to skateboarders and bicyclists, and that’ll make it safer for both the trail users and the people who will continue to enjoy the park around the trail.

    Also, a dirt, unshaded oval at Rosemead High School is not a substitute for the jogging trail that is envisioned for Rosemead Park. I, for one, have never enjoyed either walking or running around an oval, and definitely not in the heat of summer. A path that winds under trees and is surrounded by grass? That’s a horse of a different stripe.

    Besides, if you listened carefully to that one speaker’s comment, he said the high school’s dirt track is open to the general public from sunrise to sunset, four or five months out of the year. He means when school is not in session. If classes from Rosemead High School are using the track or the field, there’s no way they’d let the general public mingle with the students. That’s just not the world we live in, post-Columbine.

    Exploring a city-school district cooperative venture for improving that track is worth considering on its own merits, but it’s not a substitute for the park trail.

    Finally, please do not make any unsubstantiated innuendo. It is my understanding that Del Terra is the city’s engineering management firm, period. They’d oversee any project, regardless of who won the bid for construction. The actual construction contract was going to go to the lowest bidder who met all the requirements of the project.

  • I hear the residents on the cement, but sweaty joggers? That’s just an odd thing to worry about.

  • rut roh

    sweaty joggers? Are they SHIRTLESS and SWEATY joggers?

  • Anonymous

    You said: “Finally, please do not make any unsubstantiated innuendo. It is my understanding that Del Terra is the city’s engineering management firm, period. They’d oversee any project, regardless of who won the bid for construction.”

    Hold your tongue! This blog without unsubstantiated innuendo is like a “wish” sandwhich–two pieces of bread and you wish you had some meat in the middle.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with this “shirtless” and “sweaty” riff everyone is on. Please keep your personal kinks off this blog.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmmm!!! Innuendo sandwhich. Sounds Yummy…. but suprisingly unnourashing.

  • The Truth

    If the three amigos have anything to do with it, it will be very expensive and some one will get a free lunch out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Expensive is when the city attorney is asleep during the meeting. Should the council ask for a refund?

  • The Truth

    They still have that same city attuoney…, I’ll bet firing him is more expensive than letting him sleep.