Not as bad as it looks

Turns out that new litigation is not as bad as it sounded. In fact, it could prove to be quite profitable for Rosemead. The closed session meeting tonight will likely be about whether Rosemead will be the newest city to join a lawsuit against Los Angeles County.

Michael Colantuono’s office is so far representing nearly 21 cities in a collective lawsuit against the county. The more cities that join the suit, the cheaper it is for each city. Apparently, this could mean millions back to each city if they win the suit. Alfred Lee reported on this last week.

“At issue is a technicality in property tax administration fees they say has been collectively costing all cities in the county up to $13.4 million a year.”

  • Then the person who wrote the agenda items screwed up. If we (Rosemead) are going to sue them (Los Angeles County), then it should have been listed as, “Rosemead v. County of Los Angeles,” and not vice versa.

    Man, they ought to make my Intro to American government class mandatory for everyone in the city. 😀