Got questions about West Covina?

It takes a while to get to know the issues of a city. I have been moving slower than expected in getting acquainted with West Covina. But today, I have a meeting with City Manager Andy Pasmant and Public Information Officer Sue Williams.

Are there are questions that you want answered? Let me know. The meeting is at 11:30 a.m. today.

  • I don’t think you have enough space on the blog to get to all the questions I have, but for starters, try this: What does Sue Williams do and how much is she getting paid for that job?

    Why does Steve Herfert always look so damn angry?

    Why does Shelley Sanderson keep moaning about how hard it is to sit up there and take criticism?

    Why did the council vote to approve a retroactive trash disposal increase when staff advised against it?

    Why is Arnold Alvarez-Glasman allowed to negotiate on behalf of the city when its entering agreements with his friend?

    What took so long for West Covina to try to get some soccer fields?