The Baldwin Park City Council meetings are getting more and more heated every other week.

This time, it was Mayor Manuel Lozano that decided to take a little dig at local businessman and Pomona resident Greg Tuttle, who has initiated a recall against three BP council members.

Lozano said a resident before the meeting asked him where Tuttle lives, so after Tuttle finished up his comments during public communications, Lozano had this to say:

“(Tuttle) makes it clear that three of his workers are residents, but just to make it clear, he is not a resident of the city of Baldwin Park. Even though he was anticipating running for mayor of Baldwin Park he cannot …. You don’t live here and the residents are not concerned with you at all.”

I’m sensing a little animosity there….

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Tuttle also spend his public comment time speaking ill of the new chief of police? It’s not like he was some innocent by-stander that the Mayor chose to attack out of the blue.

  • Chief security guard

    The mayor if he had listen to tuttle’s speech at the first of the month council meeting he would have heard that tuttle wanted to put rumors to rest he is not running for mayor and that he was only going to make sure the mayor wouldn’t be elected again. I hear since the mayor opened his mouth again that tuttle has been offered a place in B/P to live for free so he will be considered a resident since he is only a low life 28 year business owner in B/P. The security guard mayor knows what happened the last time he pissed tuttle off he recalled 3 of the council members. My guess tuttle will start campaigning just to show the mayor he means business. Let me guess his first campaign slogan I will allow business that operate in B/P to have a say in the development whether the owner lives here or not I appreciate that they bring tax dollars here and employ the residents here. The next slogan is do we want a uneducated security guard to run this city we want a successful business man to run the city with honesty and doesn’t have his hand out all the time. I know one thing if tuttle takes any foreign trips overseas he will pay his own way as not to look like a kickback that didn’t get reported. I would say tuttle”s first official duty would be to fire the police chief after hearing about her special favors she does for the council wouldn”t you? Well good luck tuttle give us back our city.

  • Brandie Woods

    Lozano really needs to get his balls back from Marlen before she convinces him that Tuttle is the Anti Christ for goodness sake. Everything that comes out of Lozano’s mouth is most likly something that Marlene wants to say herself!!! Manny, why don’t you get back to the basics and start running our city the way you used to…with the best interests of the residents in mind.

    On another note, why don’t all of you “Anonymous” Bloggers grow up and use your real names instead of hiding behind an alias. What are you so afraid of?

  • Anonymous

    “…we want a successful business man to run the city with honesty and doesn’t have his hand out all the time.”

    Successful? Maybe so, but if he were to run the City the way he runs his business, we’d all be in knee deep. The guy’s business looks like a dump. It looks like he hasn’t shelled out the dough for a new paint job since the decade his hair style was last considered hip.

    Tuttle is like the reincarnation of Bill Van Cleave.

  • Baldwin Park Resident

    To woodsy, well if your so interested that everybody say who they are on this blog why don’t you start by telling your buddy tuttle to do the same. It’s obvious he’s chief security officer who’s writing. Tuttle is a nut case. If he was offered a free place it was probably you. tuttle’s ignorant ways will be his own undoing. Please give this idiot his free place so he can run for Mayor. That way he will know how much we here in B.P. detest him. Of course, he wouldn’t have the “balls”.

  • Brandie Woods

    1.) Who ever said that Tuttle is my friend, I’ve met him one time in passing.

    2.) Sadly, my husband and I have had to move back with our parents; therefore, it wouldn’t be me offering him a place to live.

    Sorry =)

    P.S. It’s not ne that they call “Woodsey”

  • Greg Tuttle NUTtle

    Brandie, you are such a bold face liar. All this time, I thought we were more than just friends. Remember we “BUMPED” it up a notch. What happened to I’m leaving my husband for you Greggie, to now you’re denying me. I’m deeply hurt. Come on girl, fess up the truth!

  • Security Guard on watch

    Hey for the guy that’s worried about Tuttles paint job on a building that will be bulldozed down why don’t you drive by the mayors dump and look at his paint on his house it’s all peeling off. Also maybe you can pick up the couch that is in the street around the corner from his house I guess the mayor and his buddies are done sitting in the front yard with it. Wow about tuttle’s hair I guess he doesn’t need to impress anyone but at least he has hair not a chrome dome to polish. As far as Van Cleave joke I believe tuttle wants to rid the city of dirty,bullies and arrogrant politicians.let’s see who falls in that position anthony,marlen,mayor and of course we can’t forget monica the one and only bought and paid for developer girl.

  • to security guard/nuttle one and the same

    Just admit that your one and the same. It will be a great day in this city of ours (B.P.) When the likes of you are gone and we can get on with our developement. You have taken a stance that only has us going backwards. If you have to tell half-truths and boldfaced lies to decieve the people around you well, you have to do what you have to do. The question is why?

  • Anonymous

    whatever the Mayor’s house looks like doesn’t change the fact that tuttle’s business is an eyesore. You can say “well look at this building, and look at that building,” it doesn’t remove your responsibility to at least up keep your property.

    As for the chrome dome comment, here’s the irony: Tuttle’s NASCAR 70’s style is a choice–being bald is not.

  • Anonymous

    I ain’t goin no whereses

  • want to be attorney

    Blight is blight if it’s a house or business. Why should you keep up condemed property don’t think bisno is paying you more is he? Also mayor could get a wig his choice to look dome head. Also how can the truth be half truth it’s just the liars who claim the people with the evidence and the true facts are making this up. Well if it’s all half truth why are the council people so worried we are just a bunch of out of towners and low life business owners making noise right. The reason you are worried is we are right and your worried we will inform all the business and residents what a shame this redevelopment is and how the council is all about show me the money since all of them don’t have a real job and need the perks bisno has promised and let’s not forget all the council and family members are just outside the development and all stand to make huge gains in their property value.

  • Someone who actually lives here

    to want to be attorney you really need to preview what you write, it’s a mess. You sound like a confused mind. Listen, all of us who live outside the development stand to make gains on our property value. And there’s something wrong with that? Your lost.

  • Brandie Woods

    Now now Nuttle Baby – I told you we have to wait until the new hotel is built! Just imagine…we can have 300 rooms all to ourselves! Love Ya 😉

  • Greg Tuttle NUTtle, POMONA

    Now Brandie sugar, don’t flatter yourself. You can’t hardly handle the back seat of my vehicle, what the heck do you think you can do with 300 ready-to-go rooms? However, I’m willing to wait if your husband pays for our rooms at “that there” hotel!

  • Brandie Woods

    OMG! You are such a DORK!!! =)