Tensions high in Monrovia

Star-News reporter Nate McIntire was in the right place at the right time it seems as he was awaiting the start of a press conference in Monrovia today that was supposed to address a shooting that happened Saturday.

Apparently, the press conference didn’t happen, and McIntire told Frank Girardot that organizers said there would be no press conference until the ‘real media’ arrived.

McIntire also told Girardot that right when he was about to leave, Monrovia spokesman Dick Singer apparently got into a bit of a shouting match with one of the organizers over whether or not Saturday’s shooting victim was a gang member.

We’re told a cop came by and Singer eventually drove off.


  • Blah

    Dick Singer is an ASS HAT!

    Look at all the incompetnent things he’s done: deny the press access to public meetings, the hideous Rumor Control box which addresses nothing of concern to the community; telling a citizen he was not entitled to public information; the abortion that the CM’s weekly report has become.


    The man makes $120k/yr for what? Screwing up the handful of tasks assigned to him and taking pictures on a cheap digital camera at council meetings. Have Ochoa do that, and save the city the salary of TWO cops!!!!!