The strangest thing just happened….

There are a number of weird, quirky things that sometimes go on at the Tribune’s West Covina office.

There’s the litter of feral cats that live in our parking lot, hiding under trucks and darting across the pavement every time they see someone walking to their car.

There’s the sweet sound of dogs barking from the kennel next door, which literally shares a wall with our property.

And then there’s the earthquake-like, er, soothing vibrations of the entire office every time the Metrolink whizzes by.

But I have to say, today we had incident that probably takes the cake: A random shirtless (maybe sweaty?) man right here in our own office.

I don’t know how he got in, but a man that was about 5-feet-tall with a lot of tatoos somehow made it past everyone in the building wearing only knee-length shorts and shoes and approached our intern, Thomas Hines, with a handful of pennies.

He started mumbling and eventually told the editors that he didn’t have a shirt on now, but he would later.

To make a long story shirt, he was politely escorted out.

Maybe he just wanted a copy of the paper…..



    …yes, that’s right he wanted a copy of the Tribune. I hear they make good blankets for sleeping outside.