Rumor control

I was just checking the city of Monrovia’s rumor control blog – they’ve become very popular among municipalities lately, Covina’s got one too – and I noticed this little bit of information:

Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters is not considering a move from the community, contrary to a rumor that began circulating here last week. A check with executives at the company has confirmed that no such move is under consideration.

Phew! That would have been tragic….

Meanwhile, city spokesman Dick Singer has not addressed reporter Nate McIntire’s article on the Monrovia Police Department, or an alleged shouting match that Singer was involved in Thursday.

  • blah

    Nor has Dick “Ass Hat” Singer addressed the shooting.

    In Dick Singer’s Monrovia, shootings aren’t acknowledged, they just generate red herrings about non-rumors. Who really care’s if TJ’s headquarters moves. What is its financial contribution to the people?


  • Anonymous

    Thank God Trader Joe’s is not leaving.