• Water Use

    If you really want to be honest. Reclaimed water is more likely to be cleaner than bottled water which is not regulated at all. I know its a psychological thing but its true.

    By the way: When you say water agencies are “thinking” about turning wastewater into purified drinking water do you mean that they are already mandating it or that they are simply exploring its feasibility. You might be stirring unecessary hysteria with your wording.

  • A Toast

    It does not surprize me one bit. At the rate that people continue to wash off their lawn grass, trash, sidewalks and cars we are wasting precious drinking water. There will come a time that we will all be drinking toilet water. We will have no choice whats so ever. We keep ignoring water shortage messages and public announcements. We knoe good and well where we stand with this serious problem. We are the cause of our own on growing problem.
    Bottoms up people.

  • Sucka Fool

    What’s good enough for my dog is good enough for… oh wait, nevermind.


    Here is a news flash… all water on this planet is recycled! Remember the Water Cycle? We, in LA and Orange County, have been drinking recycled water from treatment plants since the 1960’s. The way I see it, you, as journalists, could either inform the public about recycled water or dumb it down and promulgate the fears of the unknown with statements like “toilet-to-tap”. Let me guess how you are going to approach it.

  • Thristy

    Push comes to shove we will all have to drink what ever water is made avaliable. We will not have a choice in the matter what’s so ever. Let’s get real about what is coming down the road people. Lemon or lime in your refreshing glass of H2O?