Dam upgrades

12709-Monday 021.JPG
12708-Monday 020.JPG
12707-Monday 019.JPG

While on a run at the Santa Fe Dam, I noticed that there have been upgrades at the trailhead, including landscape improvements.

They have also been releasing water over there, and it sure makes for a nice walk and run in the evening with a pretty backdrop.

It’s hard to believe that there is this little gem in the hole-infested city of Irwindale.

  • Irwindalean

    Obviously Ms. McLAME, you don’t know diddley squat about Irwindale to refer to it as a “hole-infested” city. The only one “hole-infested” is you chick, with the largest one being your….MOUTH!

  • LOL! It’s really not a “dig” at the city (pardon the pun), but after running across Irwindale, there is really not much more to it than the quarries. Sure, it has a beautiful City Hall, that really pretty church that is under construction, the skate park, one of the most successful Chamber of Commerces in the SGV, and a significant business community. But when it comes down to it, the city is seriously infested with huge holes … and not just my mouth.