Hooters and booze

West Covina’s planning commission meeting tonight has a couple of things going on:


Hooters is asking for permission to start pouring hard liquor. This would compliment their sale of beer and wine, which the restaurant has been selling since it opened at 3041 E. Garvey Ave. in 2004.

-There will be a study session regarding the fence and walls adjacent to the walkways in the Woodside Village area of the city. Apparently, the fences in the area lack consistency, which has become an aesthetic problem, according to the staff report.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. and is at the West Covina Council Chambers.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymouse

    OH SNAP! Take that Jennifer!! You got served!! Do not mess with this “Anonymous” person, whoever he/she is! He will knock you on your @$$ with his mastery of the English language and snappy comebacks!

  • I.J.

    Yeah this is news. So sorry if it is not important to you Anon. I know this might be hard to fathom, but some of us appreciate these tidbits of information. I frequent many restaurants in restaurant row and Hooters has already taken a bite out of those restaurants bar profits. And to anyone who knows, that is where most of their income is generated. I would rather see the ‘family business thrive’ than a Hooters franchise which is only degenerative to society (in my own humble opinion).

    Thanks Jennifer. I appreciate what you and Tania do. Keep up the good work!