Recall gets recalled?

Word has it Baldwin Park officials have rejected the recall effort against three City Council members. Chief Executive Officer Vijay Singhal tells me the recall papers did not qualify because they were not in accordance with the election code.

Mayor Manuel Lozano confirmed this information, but more specifics will have to come from Deputy City Clerk Laura Nieto on Monday.

Local businessman and Pomona resident Greg Tuttle served recall intention notices on Council members Anthony Bejarano, Marlen Garcia and Monica Garcia at the June 18 council meeting. He filed official recall paperwork with the City Clerk’s office the following Monday.

Experts often warn about the difficulty of getting recall efforts off the ground —- the amoung of money it takes and the importance of having a good lawyer who knows the system and can help file paperwork properly.

Tuttle told me a month ago that he had retained a lawyer for the recall effort … guess something must have been lacking.

  • That’s why councilmembers don’t usually take threats of a recall seriously. It takes a lot of hard work and expertise to even get to the point of having a petition approved for circulation, never mind actually gathering the signatures. Of course, it doesn’t help that the city clerk and city attorney need to sign off on the petition, and both are appointed by the city council majority that is, more often than not, the target of a recall.

    Doesn’t mean the proponents can’t start over again. But the incumbents just need to keep stretching the process out. Then they can say, “Hey, there’s only x months left in our term. Why do our opponents want to spend all this money on a recall election, when there’s a regular election scheduled in just y months?”

  • Andy

    Of course counsil members don’t take threats seriously. They know a lot of politcal people and get away with plenty, until they get caught.

    I’m still wondering what happen to the Water District person, Dolores Holguin. She’s the one who got paid for extra cell phone bills, receipts given and was paid double, and pocked insurance money. She sure screwed with a lot of money from the residents from Baldwin Park. What ever happened at the indictment? Did she finally get what she deserved? There hasn’t been another work, and I read the paper daily and look on line.

  • Let the games begin

    Just to let everyone know the recall stands the city with it’s lack of knowledge in recalls are the ones who made the mistake. Like it was stated before we planned on the city attorney to make mistakes and keep sending it back to redo and to delay that’s what he get’s paid for even though a cheap divorce attorney makes more money than he does. To let all the people know we fully plan to have to file a lawsuit with the city to get the recall thru and guess who pays the attorney fees for that your city does for their lack of knowledge. This matter is not going away because a little city manager and city attorney want to play the games on this matter. We will file our response in time to get them to do another delay notice so let the games begin we all know who will win this one.

  • to tuttle the game player

    you see this as a game. This shows the complete lack of repect you have for our council and our city. You are doomed for failure as we the residents by majority will stand by our elected officials. Play your games Tuttle you think you are so good at and at the end you will be shown the clown you are. Your a Joke.