Back to business

I posted this on our Web site a little while ago. Pomona City Hall is back open for business this morning after Tuesday’s earthquake:

POMONA — After being evacuated and shut down Tuesday following a morning tremor, City Hall has been cleared for occupancy and officials say they are working to replace 17 panes of glass that fell into the main lobby.
The facility was yellow-tagged after the magnitude-5.4 earthquake centered in Chino Hills struck on Tuesday. City officials said about 17 sheets of 3-foot by 5-foot glass fell and shattered in the lobby.
“(City Hall) was closed more for safety concerns,” said Mark Gluba, assistant to the city manager.
The building was cleared for occupancy Tuesday evening, after the windows were boarded up and the broken glass cleared, he said.
“Other than that, we had only minor plaster damage,” Gluba said.

It seems that no other City Hall buildings in the Valley suffered much damage.